SmartBranch - SD-WAN & Security Services
Make branch roll outs and management a breeze – while reducing costs

Microland’s smartBranch SD-WAN and Security service provides a telco-agnostic solution to reduce lengthy and complex WAN rearchitecturing timelines, addresses frequent bandwidth upgrades of expensive MPLS circuits and expensive branch security appliances.  We do this by connecting sprawling branch networks with a combination of MPLS, Internet and LTE and implementing an overlay of Software Defined WAN and a collapsed branch edge network utilizing virtualized Customer Premise Equipment (vCPE). The service results in extending the control and security of centralized data centres to remote offices and branch locations (from WAN edge to LAN to desktop).

Using automation and analytics provided by our smartCenter and smartInsights engine, we deliver the right mix of services. This includes integrated security solutions and end-to-end connectivity of all related software, hardware and circuits in an ‘as-a-service’ model. The fully-managed service connects users to applications regardless of hosting locations for a superior user experience. The service reduces up to 80% on the cost of infrastructure and WAN spends while faster deployments improve operational speed by up to 90%.

Revolutionizing the SD-WAN Game with smartBranch
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