Social Media Policy
Social Media Policy

1. Objective of the Policy:

To encourage & guide Microland employees in their usage of social media & other online platforms as a means to connect & share unrestricted information about Microland with the customers, partners, colleagues, friends etc. As an employee & brand advocate of Microland, it is expected that you act responsibly, consult where necessary, alert where imperative & follow the given guidelines while presenting our services, our customers, our employees or our capabilities on social media or other online platforms, whether you’re acting on behalf of Microland or otherwise.

2. Scope & Applicability:

This policy applies to all employees of Microland. Remember, your responsibility towards any brand does not end upon your separation. You must use sound judgment & be conscious of your online identity while participating in any online conversations about or related to Microland. Your social media accounts are yours to use & maintain but remember that what you post is potentially visible to the entire world. 

3. General Guidelines:

Before we share the guidelines, it’s important that we reiterate our core values of Ingenuity, Teamwork, Responsiveness, Respect for the Individual, Integrity & Shareholder Value. These six are fundamental tenets that Microland stands for and it’s expected that the same reflects in your conversations pertaining to the brand or any of its customers. Microland should be perceived as Friendly, Honest, Ethical, Customer-Centric, Best-in-Class, Enthusiastic, Committed, Innovative, always willing to help & a ‘Great Place to Work’. While we encourage everyone to use online platforms to build their professional brand by showcasing their skills & expertise, one has to be cognizant that Microland is not portrayed negatively through any of your communications/conduct/ behavior/ identity online. Although, not an exclusive list, some specific examples of prohibited social media conduct include posting content or images that are defamatory, pornographic, proprietary, confidential, harassing, and libelous or that can create or lead to a hostile work environment. Below are some of the guidelines to help you navigate the vast social media jungle in a way that’s beneficial for both you & the company.

  • Employees should not publish posts or release any information about Microland that is considered confidential or not public. If you’re not sure about the classification of the information, please reach out to the Marketing department.
  • Social media networks, blogs and other types of online content sometimes generate press and media attention or legal questions. Employees should direct these inquiries to the Marketing department.
  • Employees are not allowed to create or maintain any social identity like blog, twitter account etc. representing Microland unless approved by the Marketing department. Only designated senior management members or authorized SPOC’s from various business units can represent Microland on external platforms & forums.
  • Do not post content such as deals won, customer information, revenues, company strategy, unannounced service launches etc. online as it can have adverse implications on the business.
  • You cannot use the logo of Microland or any of its customers in your pictures/videos or any multimedia format unless authorized by the Marketing department.  
  • Microland employees are encouraged to have their updated profiles with current title on LinkedIn. You are as much our brand as we are yours.
  • Any employee can follow Microland on its official pages on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, SlideShare, etc.
  • Never post pictures/videos of work environment featuring customer logos or other sensitive information about customers without the prior approval from Marketing department.
  • When commenting about the business on any online platform or interview, you must state that the views presented are solely your point of view and not that of the company. You must also state that you’re not authorized to speak on behalf of the organization unless designated to do so.
  • Do not post negative comments about your co-workers, partners or customers that could be identified as harmful, derogatory, sexist or offensive. 
  • You’re responsible for your social accounts & the content you post. Please remember to follow brand guidelines, respect copyrights, brand logos etc. as you are legally responsible.
  • You’re free to republish Microland posted content on social media with your professional network on LinkedIn & Twitter.
  • In the event of an emergency or information security breach online, you must highlight it immediately to Risk & Compliance, and to the Marketing department.
  • We advise you not to engage in a debate or an argument when you encounter someone posting negative comments about the brand. You may direct them to our legal or Marketing department.
  • Microland has the right to monitor all conversations related to Microland on the Internet.  This includes usage of social media platforms on employer provided device.
  • We advise employees to first speak internally about any grievance or inconvenience faced inside Microland before airing it online.
  • Employees are encouraged to ask questions about social media platforms & how they can be used to build a professional brand online.

To summarize the policy, you should know Microland’s values, your personal values and be cognizant of what can be harmful to both in the online media. Be mindful of the content you post, and follow the basic rules like freedom of speech, confidentiality, respect, trust, safety & compassion. We expect employees to adhere to the Policy and act in a responsible manner. Any kind of violation of the above Policy may result in disciplinary or legal action.

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Risk & Compliance:

4. Disciplinary Action:

Any violation of this policy may subject an employee to disciplinary action, upto and including termination.


5.1. The Company may, notwithstanding the eligibility and terms mentioned above, at its discretion amend, modify or withdraw this Policy.
5.2. Any deviation, from the provision made in the clauses mentioned in this policy, will require the prior approval of the Chief People Officer and the Chief Marketing Officer.
5.3. Employees are requested to consult with the respective Business Unit HR point of contact, in case of any clarifications / queries.

Retaliation Is Prohibited

Microland encourages employees to report deviation from this Policy and expects employees to cooperate in any investigation that may be taken up as part of this Policy and prohibits any retaliatory measures against such employees. Any employee who retaliates against another employee for reporting a possible deviation from this Policy or for cooperating in an investigation will be subject to disciplinary action, upto and including termination.