UK Modern Slavery Act Statement
UK Modern Slavery Act Statement


The Modern Slavery Act 2015 requires commercial organizations supplying goods or services with a turnover of above £36 million to prepare and publish an annual ‘Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement’. The Statement must set out the steps an organization has taken, if any, during its financial year to ensure that slavery or human trafficking is not taking place in its supply chain.


Microland is a Digital Accelerator.  It provides enterprises the means to adopt and consume NextGen technologies in their quest for digital transformation.  Incorporated in 1989 and headquartered in Bangalore, India, Microland has more than 4,200 professionals across its offices and delivery centres in Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East and North America.

Microland enables global enterprises with their Operating Model Transformation, Business Function Optimization and Digitization of processes and systems.  The goal of our solutions and services is to drive profitability, improve business efficiency and advance process and system effectiveness for customers. Clients use our expertise to become adept at leveraging machine learning, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and analytics, to achieve IT/OT convergence and Bimodal Operations, and to speedily ensure Cloud and Mobile adoption.

As an organization we have steadily invested in nurturing solution architects and practice consultants, digital lab teams and the top domain-specific IIoT and automation professionals. Our experts offer end-to-end business-outcome based solutions that are backed by contractual commitments.



Microland has a zero-tolerance approach to any form of Modern Slavery. We are committed to treat everyone fairly and consistently, creating a workplace and business environment that is open, transparent and trusted. Our policies and procedures relating to the Modern Slavery Act are in line with our culture and values.

At Microland, we acknowledge our responsibility and are committed to identifying and minimising the risk of slavery and human trafficking occurring within our supply chains and in all areas of our business.

Our various policies including code of conduct which is listed below is a clear communication of our expectations to all those who have or seek to have a business relationship with Microland

MODERN SLAVERY ACT POLICY - This policy sets out the organization’s position on Modern Slavery Act;

RECRUITMENT POLICY - We operate a robust recruitment policy, including conducting eligibility to work in the UK checks for all employees to safeguard against human trafficking or individuals being forced to work against their will;

CODE OF BUSINESS CONDUCT AND ETHICS - The Code provides that all employees should be treated with respect, and, more specifically, it states that Microland is committed to adhering to applicable employment laws, including those relating to child labor, wages, hours and working conditions. We have mechanism for our employees to ask questions or report concerns about possible violations of the Code, Company policies and laws. This would include any questions or concerns relating to slavery or human trafficking. Our Code has procedures and contact information for raising such matters, and we provide in our Code that retaliation will not be tolerated.



Going forward, we aim to:

Undertake an appropriate risk assessment to identify which areas of our business and suppliers are most at risk of modern slavery and create an action plan to enable us to better focus our efforts in this area;

Ensure Supplier adherence to our values;

Implement an improved procurement process to support that action plan;

Focused training for those in the Microland who are involved in contracts and procurement activities.

Microland shall take responsibility for this Statement and its related objectives, and review and update it on an annual basis to ensure they reflect our ongoing commitment.


Pradeep Kar


Date: September 3, 2018