Platform First

Expanding infra = more observable footprint, more data, less clarity. 

We have a solution.

At Microland we’re laser focused on getting our clients closer than ever to complete automation. By combining a Platform-First approach with Minimal Ops we can deploy intelligent, hyper-automated models to monitor and manage the full-stack of digital infrastructure. This is crucial to ensuring that digital experiences are reliable and delightful — even as environments grow increasingly complex.

Key Differentiators

10x efficiencies Our Platform First approach delivers more efficiency even as systems rapidly grow more complex.

Smart Workflows Hyper-automation is made possible by over 200 Bots that operate across platforms.

Microland IP The modern digital infra stack is edge-to-edge — and includes applications, hyper-cloud, distributed networks, end-points and IIoT. Our Platform-first architecture addresses this entire stack and combines Industry leading platforms and core Microland IP in the areas of deep observability, software-driven change management, DevSecOps and Service Management.

New levels of complexity demand smart machine models

(Software-driven change and hyper-automation)


Join the pivot and tame the complexity of change.

The agile mindset of try, learn, optimize means infra change is a constant. And historically, infra change leads to errors and downtime. And sets IT teams on edge.

So we set out to safely automate change. The solution came via the crazy idea to deal with change as a workflow transaction to be coded and integrated into the platform: code instructs the Change platform to make the change to the environment and update the Observability platform with the result of the change.

This pivot maintains system stability — regardless of how many change “transactions” are needed. Changes are completely traceable, version controlled, and can be rolled back or compensated for if necessary.

Learn how you can tame the complexity of change.