Everest PEAK Matrix – Leader and Star Performer in Network Transformation and Managed Services 2023
Nov 23, 2023
Microland has been recognized as a Leader and Star Performer in the PEAK Matrix Assessment 2023 for Network Transformation and Managed Services - System Integrators (SIs)

The Everest PEAK Matrix 2023 Assessment for Network Transformation and Managed Services assessed System Integrators (SIs) based on various criteria, including their market impact in terms of market adoption, the maturity of their portfolio mix and the business outcomes delivered, as well as the maturity of their vision and capabilities in terms of their vision and roadmap, the scope of services offered, investments & innovation, partnership strategies such as channel development, Go-to-Market initiatives, joint solution development, innovations and their global delivery footprint.



Microland has been recognized as a Leader and Star Performer in the PEAK Matrix Assessment 2023 for Network Transformation and Managed Services - System Integrators (SIs).



Here are some key strengths of Microland highlighted in the report:

  • Next-Gen Networking Solutions: Enterprises looking to bolster their capabilities through AI-led solutions for Wi-Fi 6, network automation, and Private 5G will find Microland an ideal fit due to its accelerated investments to improve deployments in these areas
  • Customer Centricity: Microland offers a high degree of flexibility and transparency in solution design and pricing, which will benefit enterprises looking for cost-effective solutions for network transformation particularly in a challenging economic environment
  • Global Presence: Enterprises in regions, such as the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific, may find Microland a suitable provider, considering its improved global footprint and distribution worldwide

Below is what Everest had to say about Microland:

"It is becoming more and more important for enterprises to implement comprehensive network automation setups in their IT frameworks, in order to improve efficiency and competitiveness, as well as reducing costs. There is also a need for the utilization of AI for bolstering network solutions including Wi-Fi 6, private 5G, and automation.

Microland has accelerated investments in next-generation technologies including SD-WAN, private 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and network automation, to reduce enterprises' transformation timeline and improve internal efficiency and end-customer experience via improved operational hygiene and leveraging automated platforms. Microland is also focusing on including pricing flexibility and transparency in its offerings, which allows its customers to more easily reduce TCO and leverage cost-effective solutions. This has contributed to Microland's positioning as a Leader and Star Performer on Everest Group's Network Transformation and Managed Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment – System Integrators (SIs) 2023." says Titus M, Practice Director at Everest Group.

Microland offers end-to-end network services from consulting and design to deploy and run services. In the US the company provided network services to multiple Fortune 100 and 500 customers. Microland focuses on- enabling next-generation technologies, including automation, analytics, and AI, to deliver client-centric solutions and services to meet their business needs.

The company’s proprietary Intelligeni NetOps Platform is a cloud-native platform that operates independently of any specific vendor and has been instrumental in driving the desired business outcomes for customers, by accelerating transformation, delivering real-time insights, optimizing, and automating network management.

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