ISG Briefing Notes on Microland Intelligent Network Experience and how it is turning enterprise networks into an enabler of business growth
Nov 23, 2023
ISG Briefing Notes on Microland Intelligent Network Experience and how it is turning enterprise networks into an enabler of business growth

We at Microland in our interactions with ISG across multiple RFIs and briefing sessions in the past year, had walked through our Microland Intelligeni Network Experience framework and how our network services have been realigned to be business-user centric focusing on improving the user experience and productivity.

Enterprises across industries have been facing challenges pertaining to network infrastructure, which mainly include experiencing poor network performance and low network agility. They are seeking service providers that can help them accelerate network transformation and services transitioning, deliver high-performance networks through end-to-end visibility, enable predictive maintenance, and perform program management. A few of their key requirements, which are yet to be addressed, include minimal disruption during the transition, ease of integration with infrastructure, and an enhanced UX.

Microland Intelligent Network Experience framework covers the end-to-end network lifecycle services, technology platforms, and products. The solutions under this framework are designed to meet the diversified needs of an enterprise for their network consumption.

Consulting and advisory services in next-gen networking technologies such as SD-WAN, SD-LAN, Private 5G, etc., are intertwined with IT transformation and integrated security. Transformation services, on the other hand, delivers network modernization in both consumption-based “as a service” model as well as traditional models. This approach coexists with the legacy infrastructure and facilitates a gradual migration to new technologies such as SDN. Lastly, Managed Services represent an outcome-driven service for segments such as service transition, service operations, automation and orchestration, and UX.

Under the framework, the approach to various networking technologies, their requirements, and use cases is termed SmartBranch. SmartBranch covers Software Defined Networking solutions for Branches (SD-WAN, SASE, SD-LAN, Cloud WiFi), Data centers (SDN for DC), Cloud Networking, OT Networking

Our proficiency in delivering accelerated transformation and optimized network operations is driven by our proprietary Intelligeni NetOps powered by in-house solutions (Intelligeni's Observe, Insights, Bots, Center Change, and Transform modules). Intelligeni NetOps enables clients to enhance efficiency, reliability, agility, and scalability effortlessly by proactively managing the network architecture and improving UX.

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