Managed Network Services

Enhance User Experience, Improve Productivity and Streamline Costs with Microland’s Managed Network Services (MNS)

Networks of today are fast evolving into an enterprise-wide software platform. They are no longer a set of independent physical boxes, but a series of virtual devices which are software defined which can be quickly and easily designed, deployed, and managed.

As the current network landscape evolves into a more dynamic environment, it is increasingly important that the management of network services include more automation and orchestration than in the past. Microland has been a pioneer in managing network infrastructure with managed network services, and our latest addition – NOC services, which is part of Microland Intelligent Network Experience framework of network management solutions and is a further extension of our MNS capability. Microland’s NOC services are designed to deal with the complexities of network virtualization, consolidation, and the convergence of disparate network technologies.

Our consistent high customer satisfaction scores are testament to our service expertise, service flexibility and service excellence.

Network Automation Services

Powered by the unique and purpose-built Intelligeni NetOps Platform that brings together automation through various Intelligeni Bots, NOC services ensure self-healing and fault prediction in operations through AIOps. All these translate into better application visibility and enhanced user experience.

With our focus on user experience, productivity and cost control, our managed network services (MNS) are built with reusable automation use cases in event management, processes, and technical task execution, analytics for insightful inferences, and best-in-class tools integration for performance measurement vis-à-vis user experience. Our integrated global managed network services are offered from certified delivery centers across the globe, render right-shored, follow-the-sun model, and BCP/DR compliant services across every dimension of the network infrastructure-Branch/Campus LAN and Wi-Fi, WAN, unified communications, data center and cloud.

Clients using our managed network service expertise realize faster time-to-value through accelerated service transition, “Network-as-a-service” adoption, and accelerated automation forming the foundation for AIOps.


The infrastructure networking world is transforming at a high scale into software defined networking and cloud networking. It is important for network operation to scale and move along with this change. While network automation can help accelerate network operations to some extent, it is imperative to move to a mature and self-sufficient model. Application of DevOps principles to network operations would significantly aid scale up operations.

Microland’s Intelligeni NetOps Platform delivers NetDevOps and network automation for enterprises without worrying about adoption barriers. Microland developed the NetDevOps approach based on the NetOps 2.0 framework and integrated the same with its Intelligeni NetOps. This enables enterprises to take network automation to the next level to helps create robust automated operations. Microland NetDevOps approach helps enterprise achieve an agile state of change management, increased resiliency to the network environment with new age skills of programmability by the site reliability engineers.

Microland NetDevOps – Key capabilities:

  • Helps abstract network infrastructure, OEM, and technology complexity
  • Simplifies operations for network engineers
  • Standard template and catalog-driven
  • Single source of truth for policy, code & state of network
  • Best-in-class modular tools
  • Integration of 3rd party tools
  • Post validation and roll back (if required)
  • Creates complete audit trail
  • Integrates telemetry with AIOps systems
  • Integrates with service management tools and platforms
  • Role based access control
  • Centralized governance
  • Increased level of collaboration and communication

Microland can help customers progress in their NetDevOps journey through a step-by-step approach


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  • Robert Wysocki
    Robert Wysocki
    Senior Vice President & Global Client Solutions Leader – Networks & Cybersecurity
    Robert (Bob) is a seasoned IT evangelist with over 30 years of industry experience, gained at Fortune 20 as well as start-up organizations. At Microland, Bob's responsibilities include driving innovation, incubating emerging technologies and enabling customers to leverage key digital technologies for rapid business and operational transformation.
  • Balasubramanian Panchanathan
    Balasubramanian Panchanathan
    Principal Solutions Director, Networks
    Bala has 18+ years of experience with key focus on Network technologies. Over his career he has led multiple customers through digital transformation by designing transformative Network services and solutions. At Microland, he is responsible for solution design and implementation, and development of Go-to-Market strategies for the Network CSO.
  • Shrikant Dandin
    Shrikant Dandin
    Principal Solutions Director, Networks
    Shrikant has 14 years of experience in Network Infrastructure Management and has completed three CCIE in R&S, SP, and DC. Shrikant has played multiple roles in network consulting, solution design and engineering and NextGen services creation with a focus on Automation.
  • Harish M N
    Harish M N
    Principal Solutions Director, Networks
    Harish is a technology leader with over 20 years of experience in providing strategic direction to clients on leveraging IT Infrastructure to deliver business outcomes. He has built & led global teams for the successful delivery of network design, transformation, and management services. In his current role, Harish is responsible for the development of Next-Gen Network solutions integrated with AI-enabled automation.
  • Ramesh NG
    Ramesh NG
    Principal Solutions Director, Networks
    Ramesh comes with over 21 years of experience in driving innovation in Networking services with key focus on SDN Solutions & IPs development. Ramesh is part of several leading industry forums in the Networking Industry such as OpenStack, IEEEE, etc. In Microland, Ramesh’s focus is on driving our solutions & IP development in SDN, Automation and in Private 5G space.
  • Girish Thekkadath
    Girish Thekkadath
    Principal Solutions Director, Networks
    Girish has over 20 years of experience across consulting, presales, solution design and service delivery for global customers in the areas of network infrastructure solution and services. At Microland, his responsibilities include driving presales, solutioning, go-to-market strategies, and enabling customers adopt NextGen technologies to accelerate business and operational transformation.