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At the heart of every agile company are employees freed up to collaborate, innovate and decimate the competition 

Microland transforms traditional environments into tomorrow’s modern digital workplaces — vastly improving the user experience (regardless of how scattered the teams are) and accelerating communication and collaboration. Responsive service desk support, device and application management, and cognitive virtual assistants free up your talent to run with their most compelling ideas and produce their best work.

Our Digital Workplace Services help our clients address every component of workplace transformation, including augmented knowledge discovery, enhanced user experience management and digital workplace security.

Key Differentiators

Platform-First ApproachThrough our investments in Platform-first architecture - “smartWorkspace” combined with industry-leading platforms and core Microland IPs in the areas of the connected workplace, analytics, and cloud migrations – we are changing traditional workplace paradigms and bringing value through efficient, faster, and cost-optimized digital workplace solutions. Our platform empowers organizations to build a secure, employee-centric digital workspace, including assessing service maturity and creating a workplace transformation blueprint to providing real-time insights into service performance and governance.

Intelligent AutomationMicroland’s integrated automation platform - “Intelligeni” uses cognitive analytics and artificial intelligence to create smarter and human-centric solutions that enhance digital infrastructure operations. The Intelligeni platform aids minimal operations by eliminating human intervention across the full stack of service desk layer with Intelligeni Bots – Microland’s implementation of service bots to automate incident resolution and manual tasks. With Intelligeni Bots, we provide a wide range of automation capabilities for transforming digital workplace productivity. We empower end-users with more time and less stress, making it easier to see how performance peaks.

Employee Productivity ManagementMicroland’s suite of digital workplace service offerings empower employees to collaborate, be productive and enhance business outcomes. Driven by our technology investments and a robust partner ecosystem, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation with integrated workplace transformation solutions that facilitate seamless, anytime anywhere connectivity resulting in increased employee productivity and ROI.

Employee Experience EnhancementMicroland is enabling organizations re-orient from a service-based to an experience-led model of working by creating a bespoke working environment that enhances employee engagement and by fueling a hybrid inclusive work culture that puts employee experience at the center of the organizational culture. Our analytics platform - “smartAnalytics” ensures continuous monitoring and management of distributed workforce experience in the new normal, enabling a shift from SLA-based contracts to experience-based contracts XLA.

Endpoint Security ManagementWith enterprises adopting work from anywhere policies, employees connecting from unsecured networks expose the corporate network to attacks through the endpoint devices. In such scenarios, it becomes critical to not only secure the corporate network but also the endpoint devices connected to the network. Microland's Endpoint Security Management is an integrated solution combining NextGen Antivirus, EDR, threat detection and response, data loss protection, device management and VPN client to secure connections to the corporate network.

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Digital Workplace Services
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Our clients’ words
    As part of our Future Ealing Transformation Programme, the Council is committed to looking for new and innovative solutions that place our residents at the core of everything we do, while ensuring robust, sustainable and viable council actions. We have ambitious plans for the Council’s digital future and our relationship with Microland in the past few years ensures they not only understand our intricate IT ecosystem, but also have proven capabilities to deliver agile and responsive environments.
    Ian O’Donnell, Executive Director of Corporate Resources, Ealing Council
  • Microland helps elevate customer experience
    "We provide innovative property solutions for our clients that add tangible value across property sectors and services. I am extremely excited to partner with Microland to meet and exceed real estate objectives and elevate the seamless experience delivered to our clients.”
    Edel McGrath, Partner and Group Head of Technology, Knight Frank
  • “This project was of key significance to Nissan, not just as part of our Digital transformation journey, but also with the Pandemic a key capability to improve our users Work from Home experience. Microland fully delivered, not only in the very challenging circumstances of COVID-19 but also navigating significant changes in Regional and technical adoption; an excellent outcome that would not have been the case without the dedication and commitment of their world-class team.”

    Robin Hunt, Chief Technology Officer, Nissan Motor Corporation
  • “Microland helped our divestiture and merger initiative by ensuring the strategic milestones required were met with careful coordination between 2 business units at various levels of the project. Despite COVID pandemic, multiple free periods, and other significant obstacles throughout the program, the team managed to migrate 100,000 users in record time, and Microland’s commitment to the program is a true testament of partnership.”

    Todd Rizzo, AD Program Manager, Raytheon Technologies
  • “Microland’s dedication in supporting our business during the COVID transition was outstanding. They went far beyond normal service levels to support us, and this is a product of our strong, and ongoing relationship. In particular we would like to thank the SDI accredited Global IT Service Centre for handling the huge surge in call volumes so capably - this was a key factor in ensuring our colleagues adapted to their new working arrangements as quickly as possible.”

    Paul Greenwood, Chief Information Officer, Clifford Chance
Our Partners

Microland uses a large and dependable ecosystem of top global technology collaborators to help our clients get after the innovation and agility that will take their business to the next level.

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Want to know more about our services?
  • Digital workplace services
    Manickam Sethuramalingam
    Senior Director, Digital Workplace & Service Management
    Manickam leads employee productivity & collaboration services under Digital Workplace. His expertise includes driving Modern Unified Endpoint Management, User Productivity & Collaboration, and Nextgen User Experience Management. Manickam has over 24+ years of industry experience and specializes in IT infrastructure management space and consulting services.
  • Yamini Sarath Machiraju
    Associate Director - Digital Workplace Services
    Yamini Sarath has over 19 years of experience in the IT Infrastructure Management space and has played various roles in Service Creation, Service Delivery, Service Management Consulting, and Solution Engineering. As a Solution Director of Digital Workplace Services, he is responsible for building service capabilities in the areas of user experience, productivity, and performance improvements in the workplace. In this role, Yamini is not only responsible for bringing innovative ideas and initiatives but enables Microland delivery teams and pre-sales function to work in unison and speak the same language to a client prospect.