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Unified Communication and Collaboration

Enterprise-wide collaboration with cross-channel messaging, calling, video meetings and file sharing

"Complex and Costly" - This sums up the world of enterprise communications. But this doesn’t have to be so. With Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), businesses can realize the promise of a more straightforward and more cost-effective way to communicate and collaborate.

Consider the sheer volume of business communications that CIOs need to manage, then factor in the rapidly changing digital formats and the different types of devices used today. Employees themselves are a moving target with shifting preferences to fit their highly mobile lives. They also expect easy-to-use, beautiful user interfaces just like their consumer apps.

But that’s not all. CIOs face quality of service (QoS) issues, data management and privacy requirements, frequently spanning countries and continents.          

The CIO’s goal is to provide an effective Unified Communication that promises to deliver seamless, secure, and cost-effective communications across multiple channels (voice, text, video, etc.) and on different devices, anywhere the user needs it.

There is a need to provide a simple user experience that drives cost savings, better-informed decision making, more efficient operations, improved customer engagement, and more. With continuous tooling and technology evolution, organizations need to maximize user adoption – among other factors – a consistent, consumer-grade user experience (UX).

Microland’s Unified communication and collaboration solution goes beyond building a team collaboration infrastructure into the realm of ensuring productivity.

Our user-centric change management approach focuses on the end goal of user experience and productivity improvements over and above the technology implementation. For this, the approach must change from infrastructure availability / capacity management to user experience management, from license utilization to user adoption measurements and from service uptime SLA to user productivity gains.

Microland’s Unified Communication Services provide migration and management expertise across multiple collaboration platforms (M365, Zoom, Webex, Slack, etc.), including integrating intelligent virtual meeting solutions such as virtual whiteboards and mind maps, project management apps, note-taking apps and more.

Our M365 solutions have enhanced employee productivity, enabling heightened innovation with streamlined communication and collaboration processes, and higher end-user adoption. Our experience and deep understanding of M365 has helped us construct the following capabilities across all stages of the M365 lifecycle:

  • Automation led Service delivery, making it cost-effective and operationally efficient
  • Single View Dashboard for the current state of activities, usage, and license consumption
  • Tools and solutions to help maximize benefits of security and compliance features provided by M365 suits
  • Enhanced business productivity through improved collaboration and maximized usage of various toolsets in M365
  • Remote support and offshore migration factory model for higher-cost benefits

Our Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) management guided by the 4A framework, ensures:

  1. Environment is maintained evergreen
  2. Streamlined consumption analysis and cost optimization
  3. Change management through targeted adoption drive for enhanced user experience and productivity
  4. IT operational efficiency by automating mundane tasks

The Framework constitutes of the following four stages, designed for managing enterprise M365 estate -

  • Advisory - Keep the M365 tenant evergreen with the latest features/updates. Monthly Advisory Report on new features, applicability, and adoption roadmap
  • Administration - Automated and Analytics driven M365 tenant management for enhanced user experience. Tenant Management, Service Management and User Experience Management
  • Adoption - Track the service consumption and drive adoption for better user productivity and faster ROI - Workload adoption planning, User awareness and training, Change Management
  • Assurance - Improve the M365 tenant security score above the industry benchmark for an increased security posture. This includes half-yearly security audit, security score, recommendations to upgrade security.
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  • Manickam Sethuramalingam
    Manickam Sethuramalingam
    Senior Director, Digital Workplace & Service Management
    Manickam leads employee productivity & collaboration services under Digital Workplace. His expertise includes driving Modern Unified Endpoint Management, User Productivity & Collaboration, and Nextgen User Experience Management. Manickam has over 24+ years of industry experience and specializes in IT infrastructure management space and consulting services.
  • Yamini Sarath Machiraju
    Yamini Sarath Machiraju
    Associate Director - Digital Workplace Services
    Yamini Sarath has over 19 years of experience in the IT Infrastructure Management space and has played various roles in Service Creation, Service Delivery, Service Management Consulting, and Solution Engineering. As a Solution Director of Digital Workplace Services, he is responsible for building service capabilities in the areas of user experience, productivity, and performance improvements in the workplace. In this role, Yamini is not only responsible for bringing innovative ideas and initiatives but enables Microland delivery teams and pre-sales function to work in unison and speak the same language to a client prospect.