Intelligeni Automated Ops

If the reliability of your digital infrastructure is a business differentiator, we have a solution.

Imagine your business as a complex network of interconnected systems and processes. Your digital infrastructure forms the backbone of this network, supporting everything from applications, communication, and data storage to customer interactions and transactions. This infrastructure is pivotal for your success and competitiveness. Any disruptions or downtimes in these systems can lead to decreased productivity, customer dissatisfaction, and revenue losses. But as you well know, unfaltering digital infrastructure is hard to achieve.

But that is where we come in. Think of us at Microland as your digital infrastructure caretakers. We specialize in ensuring that your IT systems run smoothly, securely, and efficiently. It's about minimizing risks, maximizing opportunities, and ensuring that technology aligns seamlessly with your business objectives. With our expertise, you can focus on what you do best – growing your business – while we handle the complexities of your digital foundation. That is what we mean by Making Digital Happen with our platforms.

Key Differentiators

10x Efficiencies Intelligeni Automated Ops delivers more efficiency even as systems rapidly grow more complex with orders-of-magnitude improvements to MTTR, SR fulfillment time, Incident reduction, and Change stability.

Smart Workflows Hyper-automation with over 200 Bots that operate across platforms, made intelligent by combining the Insights in the Intelligeni Knowledge Graph.

Unified Full-Stack The modern digital infra stack is edge-to-edge — and includes applications, hyper-cloud, distributed networks, end-points, and IIoT. Intelligeni addresses this entire stack.

Unparalleled Visibility Get complete insights into everything that is happening across your Digital Infrastructure from ITSM processes to user satisfaction, to the capacity and behavior of your systems to financial performance.

Key to ensuring this is Automated Ops

Picture a landscape where your IT systems seamlessly adapt, optimize, and secure themselves without constant manual oversight. This is the promise of Automated Ops — a game-changer that aligns technology with your business goals in unprecedented ways.

By harnessing our Intelligeni Automated Ops Platform, we empower your enterprise with heightened efficiency, responsiveness, and reliability. Imagine having a vigilant digital guardian that constantly monitors your systems, instantly flagging any irregularities or potential issues. This proactive approach ensures that disruptions are nipped in the bud, minimizing downtime and keeping your operations running smoothly.

Automated Ops also unlocks new dimensions of resilience and scalability. By managing all changes as code, Automated Ops promotes a standardized, automated, and controlled approach to digital infrastructure management.

Our mission as your MSP is to ensure that your digital foundation is not just managed, but evolved - allowing you to focus on innovation, strategic growth, and driving your enterprise forward while we ensure that your technology ecosystem remains robust, secure, and aligned with your vision.

Platform Components
Knowledge Hub
Towards Automated Ops
Adopting Automation, the DevOps Way for Enterprises
Building Resilient Networks for the Digital Future
The case for transforming operations as an imperative along the broader digital transformation journey
Managing Modern Infrastructure: A new-age approach to keeping up with the evolution
ELK Stack – Unlocking the value of Data Visualization and Log Management
Enterprises Should Focus on User Experience and Not Just IT Performance
Platform Mindset for Network Services
SmartMigrate – Cloud
Intelligeni Bots – Delivering Operational Excellence through Automation and AI
Accelerating Digital Transformation in the Era of Budget Cuts
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Want to know more about our services?
  • satish_sukumar
    Satish Sukumar
    Senior Vice President - Global Head – Automation & Platforms
    Satish comes with over 29 years of experience in the IT Industry. Over his career, he has held various leadership, technology, development, and support positions. His expertise is in the conceptualization, design, and creation of software products, in the architecture of large-scale distributed systems, and in running missioncritical systems in a highly automated manner. At Microland he leads the creation and development of Intelligent IT and Automation platforms.
  • nitin_sinha
    Nitin Sinha
    Senior Director – Automated Ops Platform Head
    Nitin comes with over 19 years of experience in the IT industry with expertise in the Automation domain. Nitin has led multiple Automation transformation initiatives and has played a key role in establishing the Automation Center of Excellence here at Microland. Nitin also owns the engineering and product management of the Intelligeni Platform
  • vishal_sanghi
    Vishal Sanghi
    Senior Director – ESM, Automation & Analytics Platform Head
    Vishal comes with over 14 years of experience in digital transformation in infrastructure services and product development in the Automation domain. In Microland, Vishal leads multiple initiatives on Digital Transformation, User Experience, New Product Development – Intelligeni Center, Intelligeni Insights, Intelligeni Bots & ServiceNow, Technology Prototyping, and executing complex software development/automation projects across various IT Infra areas like Network, Data Center, End User, Backup, Database and Hybrid Cloud environments in the Platforms COE.
  • syed_imtiaz_ali
    Syed Imtiaz Ali
    Senior Director - Network Automation Platform Head
    Imtiaz brings 20+ years of diversified experience in the IT industry. Specialized in the design & development of software solutions in Network Automation & Network Transformation. At Microland, Imtiaz leads the conceptualization, design, and development of Intelligeni NetOps.
  • sonny_laskar
    Sonny Laskar
    Principal Data Scientist
    With 15 years in the IT Industry, Sonny has led extensive tech deployments, from a 100TB Data Warehouse to AI Systems for vast data. A Top 10 Data Scientist awardee multiple times, he thrives in Hackathons and Kaggle with 20+ wins. Sonny’s expertise lies in AI Systems for ultra-scale data. At Microland, he leads the design and development of Intelligeni's Data Science capabilities.
  • vishnu_rajkumar
    Vishnu Rajkumar
    Associate Director - Automation & Platforms
    Vishnu has over 15+ years of experience in the IT industry. Involved in the design and architecture of cloud infrastructure and modern application development and practices. Specializes in internet-scale secure applications. At Microland, he leads the development of the Intelligeni Transaction Engine.