Why Microland

Microland attracts and cultivates the most curious and daring thinkers who will make a critical difference in the fortunes of global enterprises.

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Life @ Microland
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Happiest when giving back
Nov 04, 2019

Microland has given me many beautiful memories to cherish. The most memorable among them was the social work through the Parivarthana program at HSR Layout School. I felt very blessed when I got an opportunity to teach English to the kids. Those sweet kids taught me that happiness is not when taking but when giving. 

A life-long learner
Sep 27, 2019

Microland is full of story tellers. Ask a Microlander why they joined and the answer would have something to do with all the opportunities to learn important new things. No one stagnates here. Microland is a place of continuous learning and you relish that learning while you are here.

Senior Service Delivery Expert
Sep 09, 2019

I remember my interview at Microland. When I came for the interview I was nervous. It must have shown on my face because the interviewer offered me water and helped me calm down! This helped me clear the interview and…become a Microlander! 

A subject matter expert in Security and friendships
Jul 24, 2019

For me, Microland has been more than a job. It has provided a constant stream of opportunities to learn and grow and has created great friendships.

A US-based operations leader
Mar 18, 2019

The unique opportunity to work in partnership with different organizations/clients within Microland, as well as the international exposure, have helped shape my positive outlook.

An automation pro says
Feb 17, 2019

It’s amazing being a Microlander. The reason is simple: I have had the opportunity to be part of great teams who help one another  learn new technologies and ensure that work is always successfully completed.