Microland attracts and cultivates the finest talent in the information technology space. The key reason lies hidden in our core values and the bold steps we take to keep creativity at its peak.

Learn with Microland
We love agile, curious, questioning minds – people who are never satisfied with what they know, but are keen to see what lies ahead.

Microlanders are encouraged to stay on the path of continuous learning by participating in formal and informal learning programs engineered around NexGen certifications that include leadership and technical programs as well. In partnership with IIM-Bangalore, Microland has created a development journey for NexGen Global Managers and Leaders.

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Grow with Microland
Opportunities for multi-directional growth ensure that Microlanders create career paths that challenge them and unleash their potential.

Well laid out career paths/stages for each function provide visibility into opportunities for growth. Each path/stage is aligned to relevant competencies, exposure and experience. TechPro, our unique proactive learning program, focusses on enhancing technology skills that equip Microlanders to deliver greater responsibilities along with opportunities to work with client locations across the world.

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Earn with Microland
Our compensation philosophy is based on fairness and transparency and is benchmarked with the global market players. Microlanders can look forward to earning a performance bonus as early as in their first month of joining.

Our contribution-linked compensation rewards professionals who dedicate their time to training colleagues on new skills. Additionally, Microlanders can also avail of interest-free loans for personal financial requirement.

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Njoy with Microland
Microlanders are exposed to a range of cultural, sports and CSR initiatives where they can showcase talent and contribute responsibly to society.

Microlanders also participate in regular online contests and campaigns hosted on MicrolandOne, an internal mobile app that keeps Microlanders informed, educated and brings all of us together as a global, diverse, multi-cultural and extraordinary team. Everyday.

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