SmartBranch - Cloud Based Wireless LAN Services
With the increased penetration of wireless devices, ensure your wLAN infrastructure keeps pace – with performance, availability, scalability and security

Microland assists clients to bring down the mounting challenges of choked bandwidth, uneven load distribution for access points, security, throughput and the cost of managing wireless Networks. Our end-to-end integrated smartBranch Cloud-based Wireless LAN Solutions come bundled with policy management and analytics. This means along with reliability and speed you also have precise control over the network. Our solutions provide the benefits of flexibility, scalability and security along with a Controller-less architecture making it cost effective even in small branch office deployments. Clients using our solution and support services gain complete visibility into their network and manage their wired and wireless networks from the same platform. Most importantly, in keeping with the goals of a true digital enterprise, they provide safe access to data and applications from anywhere.

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