IIoT Solutions
Create better situational awareness and visibility into day-to-day operations that drive overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), reduce downtime and lower operational costs

Microland’s technology-agnostic solutions and Systems Engineering methodologies are used by clients to create a holistic approach to their IIoT projects, leading to business and operational efficiencies and to lowered operational costs. In addition, we use Agile development to ensure accelerated delivery of projects and improved ROI.

Our IIoT solutions include:

  • Equipment Optimization that is designed to monitor the health of critical factory assets. The solution collects and analyzes data to predict possible failures and anomalies. Clients use a predictive maintenance approach to increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to above 90% and significantly reduce downtime. The data can also be used to accurately determine specifications for assets, thereby reducing acquisition costs.
  • IIoT Platform Engineering enables IIoT platforms to become future ready. Our team of IIoT experts build, test and deploy patches that ensure platform scalability and platform compatibility with IIoT devices. We also build connectivity alternatives, robustness and security features for IIoT platforms.
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