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Dec 02, 2019

IIoT – An acronym for transformation!


Well, before we go into defining or exploring what IIoT stands for, let us try and understand human needs first. Man or homo-sapiens, in the quest to simplify and explore the unknown has invented newer and better innovations to better the lives of our race. And, as the saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention," we have literally ensured that our jobs can be accomplished with hardly any human intervention.

IoT (Internet of Things) is a 21st-century acronym, but I am sure most of us would be surprised to realize that the acronym was coined in the latter part of the 20th century. More so during the peak of the Y2K rage! *Kevin Asthon invented this concept during the ‘90s, while making a presentation to his bosses, to ensure his idea of better managing the supply chain stood a chance of being adopted. He wanted to use RFID to keep track of the products across the supply chain where he worked.

The best part was IoT, though it was visualized for an Industrial organization, caught the interest of the retail and customer-centric world. The smartphone was one such device, with multiple sensors talking to each other with the assistance of an operating system to provide a seamless experience to the customer. Or take the case of a gyroscope in a mobile phone that allows you to align the screen in either a portrait or landscape format. Simple yet amazing, right?!

With the coming of IIoT(Industrial Internet of Things), primarily designed or implemented for  large organizations, companies are now able to compile and comprehend data from various sensors across their plant. Data generated and analysed assist in deploying corrective measures to deliver better results. The entire process cuts down or rather makes the substantial learning cycles involving human trial and error methods redundant.

With the advancements of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), IIoT is fast becoming a possibility for organizations able to manage and utilize the huge quantum of data churned out by each of these sensors and devices in a more productive and meaningful manner.

Now that we are at the latest innovation cycle of manufacturing technology, popularly termed as Industry 4.0, the time has come to bring together the smarts of AI, ML, IIoT, Cloud Computing, to enhance productivity and efficiency. Building these newer innovations and technologies will not only bring down human errors in routine activities, but can possibly help organizations churn out competitively priced products, ease the procurement process and costs and eventually ensure a more significant market reach and availability to end customers.

While, there are challenges around the right architecture and security concerns plaguing the world of IIoT, there are service providers and integrators that can provide the right solutions to address them successfully and bring about a transformation.  Industry 4.0 has opened up considerable opportuntities and enterprises across several sectors have embraced the change, and while it may sound cliched, Change remains to be the only constant!


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