Integrated Utilities Management for a leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Integrated Utilities Management for a leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

The client was seeking solutions for real-time monitoring and management of utilities, supporting production of 300 million units of pharma products annually, to improve the asset utilization and reducing downtime in production

Microland connected a set of 160+ heterogenous assets from different OEMs through a hardware refurbishment strategy, which resulted in ~$100,000 savings in hardware costs. The data was brought to an IIoT platform built on PTC ThingWorx, which enabled asset performance & health monitoring with digitized workflows. This resulted in resulting in reducing reduction in asset downtime, improving the employee productivity and energy savings.

All utility critical parameters, alarms/notifications, trend display, asset health, shift wise/day wise report, health indicators etc. were integrated on PTC Thingworx Solution Stack.

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