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Smart Manufacturing

Transforms traditional manufacturing industries to digital production hubs!

Our Smart Manufacturing solution connects assets, people, processes in factories to drive transparency, predictability & optimization in manufacturing operations. With focus around asset optimization, production intelligence, sustenance & utilities management and worker productivity, the Smart Manufacturing solution ties together various threads of the production value chain, all under single glass of pane. What you get is the ability to run safe operations that adhere to quality standards while maximizing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and minimizing cost of production. Our solution is backed by three decades of experience in IT management and a team of top data scientists, process, and network engineers.

Our approach:

Consulting-led Approach: We enable enterprises to solve complex industrial challenges through IIoT system thinking and rapid prototyping and achieve a steady stream of quick wins with minor investment.

System Integration Services: Large-scale IIoT projects benefit from our strong partnerships with IoT platforms like Azure, PTC ThingWorx, and more. Our expertise on these platforms and depth in OT connectivity enable us to select the best tools and accelerate deployment of IIoT initiatives. Our services cover anything from connecting the factory to global factory performance insights aligned to your business goals.

Industrial Analytics: Our solutions, powered by industrial analytics, transform once siloed data into actionable insights for the factory floor.  Armed with these insights, operators can make smarter decisions effectively.


Key Capabilities

  • Production Intelligence for maximizing factory OEE, reducing cost of quality and operational cost
  • Asset Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance for maximizing asset utilization
  • Operations Tracking for bottleneck identification and improving process & operations optimization
  • Sustenance Solutions with utilities consumption insights & forecast for production continuity & reduced carbon footprint
  • Advanced Analytics to power asset & production optimization
  • Integrated Value Chain, aggregate multiple silos, to drive insights, predictability & optimization of the end to end value chain (SCM, Manufacturing, Logistics)
  • Workforce Productivity through digitalization, automation, and tracking work cell effectiveness
  • Augmented Experiences to enhance the training experience for assembly, repair, or operating procedures
  • Remote Operations enabling remote / central management of production operations and shared services
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Want to know more about our services?
  • Navaneeth A. N
    Navaneeth A. N
    Senior Director, IIoT
    Navaneeth has an accomplished track record in Digital transformation, Management Consulting, Product Engineering, Practice Development, and strong industry knowledge across manufacturing and supply chain domains. Navaneeth possess exceptional skills and expertise in IIoT space with rich multi-cultural global experience in providing strategic business solutions to global customers. At Microland, Navaneeth is involved in developing IIoT solutions with best-in-class platforms, enabling differentiated services and accelerating digital transformations together with customers.