Industrial IoT
Integrated Smart Factory Solution

Transform the factory floor!

Our Integrated Smart Factory Solution connects assets, people, processes in factories to drive transparency, predictability & optimization in manufacturing operations. What you get is the ability to run safe operations that adhere to quality standards while maximizing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and minimizing cost of production. Our solution is backed by three decades of experience in IT management and a team of top data scientists, process and network engineers.

Our approach:

3-Step Accelerator: Consulting-led approach to IIoT where our experts help our customers DEFINE clear goals, DESIGN solutions for them and DELIVER large scale IIoT projects

System Integration Services: Large-scale IIoT projects benefit from our strong partnerships with IoT platforms like Azure, ThingWorx, Predix and Cisco Kinetic. Our expertise on these platforms and depth in OT connectivity enable us to select the best tools and accelerate deployment of IIoT initiatives. Our services cover anything from connecting the factory to global factory performance insights aligned to your business goals.

Industrial Analytics: Our solutions, powered by industrial analytics, transform once siloed data into actionable insights for the factory floor.  Armed with these insights, operators can make smarter decisions effectively.

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Tap into our expertise
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  • Manjanath Nayak
    Senior Vice President – Strategic Accounts BU and Global Industrial IoT Business
    Manjanath has over 20 years of cross-functional leadership experience. At Microland, he is responsible for the overall business unit of Microland's strategic accounts as well as Microland's Global Industrial IoT business.
  • Christopher Collins
    Senior Director - IIoT
    Christopher leads Microland’s digital transformation sales strategy across IT/OT technology’s. Prior to joining Microland, Christopher held leadership positions in global sales, marketing, partner/alliance management, business development and engineering.