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Smart Facilities

Resilient Facilities = Resilient Operations
As employees return to workplaces, enterprises must ensure their safety and provide a safe work environment without compromising work productivity. They need to embrace the right combination of tools, technologies, and data to reassure employee well-being. Sensor technology can create smart workplaces that ensure all aspects of workplace operations, maintenance, occupancy, and ambient condition monitoring are optimized. This, in turn, helps optimize physical resources while increasing workplace productivity and sustainability.

Powered by Microshare, Microland’s Smart Facilities solution leverages IoT to transform existing brick-and-mortar facilities into safer, efficient, and more sustainable assets.

An intrusion-free, OpEx-based, easy to deploy the solution, that provides immersive visual experience and real-time actionable insights to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for occupants.

Occupant Well-being Solutions
Predictive Cleaning – Monitor utilization of facilities to enable more efficient, cost-effective, on-demand, and as-needed cleaning.

Air Quality Monitoring – Detect, measure, and control contaminants in the air including particulates, odorous pollutants, and noxious gases.

Facility Management Solutions
Energy Management – Monitor energy consumption patterns and provide advanced analytics for forecasting and occupancy optimization resulting in improved energy savings and reduced carbon footprint.

Asset Zoning – Use geofencing and alerts for specific assets to track the movement of critical mobile assets in offices, hospitals, and industrial facilities.
Occupancy Management – Monitor space utilization and provide actionable insights to improve facility operations, estimate future usage, and enhance user experience.

Key Differentiators 
Low Cost, OpEx Model – Sensors, wearables, gateways, and other connected devices are included in a Sensing-as-a-Service delivery model.

Accelerate Time to Value – Sensor data would be made available on the cloud within days of installation and system integration.

End-to-end Connectivity – Reliable, secure, and robust connectivity to enable enterprises to converge heterogeneous data from disparate systems.

Proven Enterprise-Ready IoT Offerings – Integrated context-specific solutions to unlock business value and unleash the full potential of infrastructure investments.

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