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Smart Facilities

Resilient Facilities = Resilient Operations

With evolving business models and cultural expectations post COVID-19 response, getting your workforce and facilities safely back into production requires a comprehensive scalable approach.

Powered by Microshare, Microland’s Smart Facilities solution leverages IoT to transform your inert brick-and-mortar structures into safer, more efficient, more sustainable assets.​​

An intrusion-free, opex-based, easy to deploy solution, providing immersive visual experience and real-time actionable insights to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for occupants.


Occupant Wellbeing Solutions:

1. Universal Contact Tracing

  • Designed for occupant safety, social distancing using wearables, eliminating the loopholes and privacy concerns of the smart phone-based approach
  • Designed specifically for the COVID-19 emergency, the solution traces contact anonymously between facility occupants through badges, wristbands, and keyrings

2. Air Quality Monitoring

  • Optimum temperature, humidity and lowering levels of CO2 through better management of air quality
  • Improves stress levels and increase productivity across workforces of a range of sectors


Facility Governance Solutions:

1. Asset Zoning

  • Tracking critical mobile assets and equipment in offices, hospitals, and industrial plants with use of geo-fencing and alerts for specific assets
  • Drives productivity, inventory control and reduces loss

2. Occupancy Management

  • Monitors space utilization - from mobile desks to conference rooms to hospital beds and more.
  • Provides actionable insights for facilities operations and strategic insights for portfolio managers and corporate real estate investment decisions. A must have in the New Normal.

3. Touchless Feedback

  • Anonymized solution to user feedback ensures that problems can be reported before they spiral out of control
  • Increase occupant satisfaction and facility wellness

4. Predictive Cleaning

  • Lowers infection rates and costs in large offices, hospitals, and other facilities
  • Measuring utilization with feedback data enables ‘on demand’ and ‘as needed’ cleaning instead of scheduled cleaning



  • Low Cost, OPEX Model Sensors, wearables, gateways etc. all included as Sensing-as-a-Service
  • Accelarate Time to Value Sensor data available on the cloud within a week of installation
  • Connectivity Included No reliance or interference with existing IT infrastructure. Job appropriate connectivity
  • Proven Enterprise Ready Deployed in the world's largest countries, around the world
  • Integrated Solution Ability to integrate solutions to deliver business value
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