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Embracing the IT-OT convergence to its fullest requires a robust approach to cybersecurity underneath. Today, more than ever before, OT environments across manufacturing, power& utilities, oil & gas, and other industries are at risk of cyber intrusions and attacks. Once isolated and air gapped OT end points like PLCs, DCS, HMIs, SCADA are vulnerable if left unattended over the network, and any security breach in such environments can have an adverse impact leading to revenue losses, environmental damages and even loss of life.

Microland’s Industrial Cybersecurity solution offers a unified approach to engineer, monitor, and secure the industrial network landscape, managed by a remote 24x7 OT/IT Operations Team. The underlying solutions provide full visibility into your Industrial Control System (ICS), including dynamic asset inventory, real-time monitoring of control networks and process data, and comprehensive threat intelligence, so you can build secure infrastructures and enforce security policies to control risk.

As a Premium IoT Authorized Cisco partner, Microland provides design, deployment and managed services for OT security by leveraging Cisco solutions. Our solutions combine a unique edge monitoring architecture leveraging Cisco’s Cyber Vision and easy integration with various OEMs of ICS assets including Rockwell, Siemens, ABB, and over 60 field network and DCS protocols.



  1. Reduced TCO by elimination of investment in an ever-growing SPAN collection network
  2. Feed existing IT Security tools with OT context to enforce OT security policies that will not disrupt production
  3. Easily deployment at scale to ensure the continuity, resilience, and safety of your industrial operations.
  4. Our 24x7 managed services utilizes these cutting-edge security tools paired with decades of network and SOC operational excellence to secure industrial networks and operations.


3-Step Enablement:

Industrial Security Assessments

Securing OT infrastructure starts with having a precise view of asset inventory, communication patterns, network topologies and a sound understanding of the industrial protocols and ecosystem. Security assessments evaluate your landscape to identify security and architectural risks across the network, application, firmware and hardware.

Industrial Security Implementations

We design, architect and secure your OT networks leveraging Cisco’s Cyber Vision at scale across factories and sites following a planned roadmap and our time-tested methodology. This factors in provisions for a diverse OT asset landscape including different OEMs. Bringing our expertise, we deploy a robust security framework while simplifying OT security implementation. 

i-SOC (24 x 7 Monitoring & Managed Services)

Live Industrial Asset Discovery & Monitoring along with network topology discovery provides immediate notifications of new devices or people connected to your plant floor. Our IT/OT engineers deploy specialized traditional and machine learning based OT network & security tools for cyber security threat monitoring and management specific to OT networks. The i-SOC is designed to provide a secure, purpose and performance focused OT network to a production environment.  Our simplified and best-in-class approach frees your site teams to focus on production and innovation.

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