Augmented Workforce

Augmented Workforce

Shaping tomorrow’s Workforce

Augmented Reality (AR) has become a key ingredient in transforming the workforce across manufacturing, power & utilities, oil & gas, and other industries. AR devices seamlessly overlay digital information onto physical objects and surroundings and this has use-cases such as providing demonstrations, training, real-time data, safety alerts, and remote inspection and assistance to equipment maintenance. AR thus provides an opportunity to boost employee productivity, efficiency, quality all while ensuring their safety.

Microland’s Augmented Workforce Suite offers end-to-end services around Augmented Reality solutions right from deployment to management and ongoing use-cases development to enrich the functionalities and user experience for the customer’s workforce.

Microland is collaborating with PTC, an industry leader in IoT solutions to create immersive 3D AR experiences which are tailored to meet the unique needs of its customers. With PTC’s Vuforia, we create immersive 3D AR experiences to provide critical information to the shop floor/site workers anytime anywhere in their wearable or handheld devices.

Key Capabilities:

Employee Training: The 3D model allows to train employees on new and existing products and equipment, where the employees can experiment with the 3D model of the equipment by dismantling and inspecting complex components to understand how the equipment functions. The overlay of a 3D model also allows training employees on operating complex equipment.

Customer Self-Service: Through 3D overlays, the customer’s workforce can independently install, inspect for issues, and perform guided maintenance. The 3D overlays integrated with IoT sensors can provide critical information on the operating conditions of the equipment

Remote Inspections & Maintenance: In a Covid-19 pandemic impacted times, when travel was restricted, the OEM technicians can inspect issues in customer’s equipment, run diagnostics and provide guidance on issue resolution remotely.

Sales & Marketing: OEM Sales team find it difficult to demonstrate products to customers especially when these products are Built-to-Order, in such cases, the AR experience can be used to demonstrate the product, its configuration, etc. to the customers

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  • Lalita Nair
    Lalita Nair
    Associate Vice President, Global Client Solutions- IIOT
    Lalita is a growth-focused leader with broad experience in digital strategy, execution, and delivery. She has a stellar track record in leading technology-enabled large scale initiatives powered by high performing global teams and strong customer and stakeholder relationships. At Microland, Lalita leads the Industrial IoT solutions organization, driving innovation, incubating emerging technologies and using this technology to drive rapid operational transformation for customers.