Nov 11, 2020

Inserting 'Smart' and 'Resilient' into Facilities

As businesses cautiously reopen, facility leaders are beginning to reconcile with their new reality - an increased focus on safety, a purpose built flexible plan for their workforce, including how and when to move people back into the office and what safety measures they may need to adjust and feel safe. 

In this article, we attempt to put a structure around addressing this challenge, in the context of the pandemic and beyond. Sustainable, efficient, resilient facility operations can seem like a distant ideal, but can be achieved with vision, a strategy, and disciplined implementation. A strategic, holistic approach to high-performing facility management operations is necessary for comprehensive facility stewardship.

Microland Smart Facilities, a Microsoft co-sell ready solution available on Microsoft AppSource, leverages Sensing as a Service and is a plug-&-play, non-intrusive, OpEx model-based solution without the need for large investments.