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Microland’s Connected Products solution focuses on various facets of monitoring and managing remote and heterogeneous environments. Connected Products solution allows an OEM or business to monitor and manage products by enabling products to exist and be accessed outside their physical self.

Leveraging the power of IIoT and Cloud, Connected Products solution is aimed at expanding possibilities by bringing in rich contextual and real time information about the product and operating conditions to drive outcomes like reliability, uptime, utilization, service excellence, product responsiveness and new business models.

The solution is designed to monitor the health of critical industrial assets and predict potential failures and anomalies, providing a seamless interface to global operators and management. Now OEMs can solve problems before their customer knows one exists.

With the increased focus on safety and initiatives toward remote operations, an IIoT enabled asset monitoring solution is just what industries like power and utilities, mining, oil and gas and many others need. It helps them gain real-time visibility into assets for greater efficiency and productivity. With the help of condition monitoring and AI, enterprises adopt a predictive maintenance approach to reduce non-productive time (NPT), unplanned downtimes, and emergency costs.



Key Capabilities:

  • Product Connectivity: Architect and implement connectivity and data interoperability for remote products to enable a robust device management platform
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Real-time visibility intoperformance parameters of the installed base and performance benchmarking
  • Condition-Based Services: Predictive Analytics and Condition-based alerts to take faster data-driven actions while servicing, maintenance, troubleshooting on the field
  • Command Centers: Comprehensive Remote Monitoring of the connected ecosystem including products, network, data centers, platforms, leveraging best in class operational processes
  • Predictive Maintenance: Reduce cost of maintenance and avoid emergency costs by streamlining product servicing using AI/ML based predictive analytics
  • Remote Assistance: Connect to experts from anywhere via remote/AR solutions to improve resolution time and FTR

Microland has developed an Azure based IP Co-Sell solution for Connected Products around remote monitoring, and it is available at Azure Marketplace.

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