IT infrastructure services, Industrial IoT

Managed services for AI-enabled industrial platform

Microland’s expertise in IIoT platform management boosts platform uptime, time-to-market, and provides world-class customer support for a billion-dollar industrial AI and IoT software leader.

Microland manages an industrial Digital Dealer platform that leverages powerful AI and Machine Learning algorithms to convert vast amounts of internal and external data into actionable insights and positive financial outcomes. Microland also provides implementation services to help onboard new customers to the platform. The platform is central to providing dealers of industrial equipment with workflow systems that improve productivity and reliability.

▲ IIOT Platform Uptime: 95%

▲ Application Uptime: 97%

IIOT Platform Uptime
Application Uptime

The client is an Industrial Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science Analysis organization with an in-house asset performance management application and platform. The client was cited and recognized as one of the 30 most innovative companies by the World Economy Forum in 2017. The client is also in CNBC’s Top 50 disruptors list for 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Business Goal

The client’s Digital Dealer platform is central to providing equipment dealerships with workflow and business insights. The business targets improving platform and application uptime along with cost optimization for system maintenance.

Microland Solutions

To deliver these goals, Microland took over the management of the client’s engines that drive insights and outcomes for the dealerships and its assets using advanced analytics. Microland partnered a leading provider of industrial AI and IoT software to support the client’s dealers with a CRM solution aimed at reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction and increasing revenue.

Using automation, Microland manages the client’s site infrastructure operations that run the business platforms.

The list of services provided by Microland includes Site Operations Management, Platform Engineering Support, Digital Dealer Management, Data-Center Management and Customer Support Management.

Business Outcomes

Microland’s support ensures that the client’s platforms run powerful AI and Machine Learning algorithms to convert large amounts of data to drive financial outcomes. In addition, the automation has helped optimize the cost of the maintenance program while the availability and reliability of the client’s infrastructure has improved with platform uptime being 95% and application uptime being 97%.

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