3-Step Accelerated Industrial IoT Solutions
Accelerate IIoT adoption and outcomes with a clear vision, scope, and requirements

Microland leverages its expertise in IT and OT to help businesses transform their operating model and effectively capture, measure, and analyze data from edge devices and derive valuable insights. We do this using a 3-Step Accelerated Industrial IoT (IIoT) solution which thoroughly understands the customer’s business objectives, vision, scope, and system requirements before creating an actionable roadmap. The 3-Step IIoT Process is helmed by our experienced industrial control engineers and data scientists who have a deep understanding of IT-OT convergence – right from the edge to the cloud.

The 3-Step Process kickstarting the journey follows the Define-Design-Deliver path: 

Clients using our process incur zero cost for the first two phases. They also acquire on-going continuous innovation, support and management of all solutions/ opportunities in the IIoT ecosystem from Microland.

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