Intelligent Connected Enterprises Services and Solutions
Integrate OT and IT to enter the data-intensive environment of Industry 4.0—and to create new opportunities that exploit predictive analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Microland’s services and solutions for Intelligent Connected Enterprises enable the convergence of IT and OT systems. This allows the seamless exchange of data across factories, field assets and corporate systems. The outcome is several magnitudes of improvement in problem solving, productivity, resource planning, customer satisfaction and responsiveness to market signals.

We bring three decades of global IT management expertise and a team of IIoT professionals who set up industrial networks connecting factory and field assets to data centers, decode OT data and  ensure it can be leveraged in tandem with enterprise IT applications. The services and solutions we offer include:

  • OT/Edge Data Centre that gleans real time insights from assets and processes to create alerts, assist in real time responses to critical issues and improve efficiency and productivity
  • Network Design and Deployment that makes it possible for the enterprise to converge heterogeneous data from disparate systems
  • Data Interoperability that eliminates the barriers created by diverse industrial protocols and data formats, converging the data and making it usable across the enterprise
  • Integration of factory and corporate systems to create a single source of truth
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