MicroBots – Delivering Operational Excellence through Automation and AI
Mar 24, 2022

MicroBots – Delivering Operational Excellence through Automation and AI

Vennam Anand

MicroBots is Microland’s implementation of service BOTs to automate incident resolution and manual tasks. Based on Ansible platform for better acceptability among enterprises, MicroBots are useful and can be leveraged across IT operations, such as network, server management, end user management, etc. Manual interventions in IT operations not only lead to high error rates but also significant increase in the TAT (turnaround time) for incidents and service requests. Leveraging our MicroBots platform for seamless delivery of exceptional IT operations, we “Make Digital Happen" for our clients through automated applications and systems. Some of the repetitive tasks that MicroBots automate are:

  • Working on SOPs to resolve incidents and service requests
  • Generating periodic reports to understand the infra estate’s health
  • Provisioning resources (like VMs) through pre-defined workflows

A few areas where MicroBots can help in automating the manual processes are Windows / Unix administration, Network administration, Patch management, Backup management, End-User administration, VM operations, compute, storage, AWS and Azure related cloud operations.

How can MicroBots be used to improve business performance?


With the rapid and increased adoption of the "Digital IT Operations" in recent years, there has been a significant rise in the demand for adoption of software bots. This clearly indicates the need for organizations to ensure their IT personnel and experts focus more on strategic and value-added initiatives, than on the repetitive operations that they routinely perform. At Microland, MicroBots double up as ‘Virtual Engineers’ to aid the IT operation engineers.

We have deployed MicroBots across our client IT landscape and helped them auto-remediate 25% of the incidents while achieving 99% patch compliance through automated patching.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the business benefits we have delivered so far leveraging our MicroBots platform.

  • Reduction in overall actionable ticket count by 20%: MicroBots have helped significantly decrease the number of tickets actionable by the IT personnel
  • Reduction in MTTR (mean time to resolve) by 25-30%:  MicroBots can work on multiple tickets concurrently, initiating the actions required for specific incidents as soon as they are generated. This ensures that the time taken to actionize a pre-determined logic is lesser when compared to manual intervention, thus decreasing the MTTR for the tickets.
  • Enhanced User Experience: MicroBots pick up service requests and incidents raised by the end-users and deliver quick resolution, thus enhancing the end-user experience
  • Increased Productivity: MicroBots are highly efficient and handle digital interventions that generally require human effort. MicroBots help alleviate human intervention in routine tasks by allowing people to channelize their efforts to other important business functions.

MicroBots – Simplifying and Digitizing Workflows


MicroBots primarily comprise of workflows that execute the manual activity in an automated fashion when triggered. These bots work by automating well-documented and repetitive tasks performed by an IT operations engineer. The automated workflows can be triggered by an alert in response to an IT incident. They can also be scheduled or triggered manually by a service desk agent.

Scale your business faster with MicroBots platform


MicroBots can bring together business logic and operational workflows through intelligent automation, helping streamline business models and create bandwidth for highly skilled technology workforce. MicroBots can improve the overall efficiency of IT operations and allow professionals to focus on high severity incidents and automation challenges that can positively impact business.

MicroBots also helps deliver IT operations faster at a significantly lower cost. With extensive experience in implementing top-notch automation solutions and strategies to automate complex processes, Microland makes it easier for enterprises to adopt NextGen Digital InfrastructureContact us to start scaling your business faster with MicroBots.