Digital Workplace
Build a digital workplace of the future with a mobile-first, cloud-first approach that delivers consumer-oriented user experiences

The workplace is no long only physical. And neither is it limited to “office hours”. Today’s enterprise is digital. It is blurring business boundaries, time zones, geographies and erasing the line between personal and professional. In return, enterprises are improving “workplace” experience, executing business processes at high speed and multiplying their ability to innovate. However, most importantly, they are using digital workplace technologies to drive tomorrow’s reliable and intelligent data-driven businesses.

Microland transforms tradition workplaces into tomorrow’s digital environments. Our Digital Workplace service fosters a collaborative, responsive and information sharing culture across the organization leading to improved business performance. The focus is on developing consumer-oriented, automated, self-service enabled user experiences across a wide range of devices using a cloud-first and mobile-first approach.

Our Digital Workplace service is backed by two decades of design expertise and flawless implementation of NextGen solutions. It is supported by strategic partnerships with global technology leaders like Microsoft, Citrix and VMWare. To ensure a smooth transition to a digital workplace, we use customized frameworks and change management models based on organizational needs and culture.

Clients using our Digital Workplace service address every component of workplace transformation, ranging from user experience management, device management, messaging and communication, application delivery and service desk support.

Creating a
Microsoft Evergreen Services
Provide users the latest Windows 10 and O365 experience, keeping management overheads and costs low
Enterprise Mobility Services
Keep pace with rapidly evolving mobile trends, applications and environments to facilitate business agility
Service Desk / End User Support Services
Move from reactive service desk management and support to a new, proactive function driven by endpoint analytics
Workplace Management Services
Use self-service, automation and analytics to elevate workplace management from being device centric to user experience centric
Messaging & Collaboration Services
Get teams and individuals to use collaboration tools, share knowledge and work more productively together
Endpoint Technology Transformation services
From legacy end user environments to a mobile, digital operating environment
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