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The Service Desk, elevated

Did you know the average worker reports losing 22 minutes every day due to hassles related to technology? That’s two weeks of lost productivity a year for each employee.

Microland’s proactive Service Desk is the result of 31 years spent on the front-lines of global IT support figuring out best practice in deploying technology and standardized processes to ensure users near and far can access worldclass support in the way that works best for them. 

Our omni-channel support model is simple and intuitive — designed with employee experience in mind. A sophisticated Digital User Experience (DUX) platform enables this through real-time user experience monitoring which not only reflects a 360-degree view of actual performance — from the user perspective — but also provides insights and levers to improve the score. 

Automation is at the heart of our Service Desk’s impressive value delivery. We automate all low-value interactions to bring down repetitive requests while our chatbots provide 24X7 support. Additionally, our self-healing, auto-remediation and self-service practices drive down IT costs. With 40% improvement in the overall response time, a 25% reduction in tickets and a 15% cost reduction in the very first year of engagement, there is a whole lot of upside to deploying Microland’s Service Desk ASAP.

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  • Raj Kumar Thakur
    Associate Vice President - Digital Workplace Services
    Raj has over 20 years of experience in the IT Infrastructure Management space and has played various roles in service creation, service delivery, service management consulting and solution engineering.
  • Dhiraj Manohar
    Associate Vice President - Digital Workplace & Service Management
    Dhiraj is a deeply experienced Client Solution leader for Modern Business & IT with a skill set that covers Architecture, IT Service Management, Partner Alliances, Digital Solutions Provisioning (including Large Deals for M&As), Digital Transformation, and Legacy Modernization. A detail-oriented juggler of multiple balls, Dhiraj simplifies complexity and roots out inefficiency so that new solutions can flourish.