Microland’s Strategic Cost and Performance Management
Jan 05, 2023

Microland’s Strategic Cost and Performance Management: Significant savings gained. Modern digital experiences delivered.

Operational optimization as a steppingstone to agility nirvana.

You have lots of terrific ideas about how your organization can seize a competitive advantage through digital transformation. 

Yet, your enterprise relies on foundational legacy systems that are vulnerable, inefficient and unstable. So you put aside a grander strategy to focus on operational optimization as the immediate obtainable win. 

Maintain legacy infra or upgrade? Either option is fraught:

It’s well understood that upgrading to more modern alternatives presents an array of integration headaches and a murky budget path forward. And yet, maintaining your legacy infra means a hefty price tag of technical debt in the form of outdated/unsupported OS and apps, suboptimal design from an operational/security standpoint, and a limited capacity for insight generation.

We would like to offer up an alternative way forward. One that enables operational optimization as a segue to a robust, modern infra resulting from transformation initiatives spanning the four key pillars of Cloud / Data Center, Digital Workplace, Networks and Security.

More to the point, these programs are supported by a management approach that generates sufficient cost savings to fund the entire transformation investment.

This ideal way forward is quite achievable — particularly when informed by and customized for the unique demands of your enterprise and industry.

Our Strategic Cost and Performance Management (SCPM) deliverable is a proven guided roadmap designed to transition a legacy-laden enterprise to a state of digital agility over the course of about 24 months while generating savings of 25% - 35% and achieving FCR rates that beats the Gartner-cited industry average by 10%.

What this really means is that we will show you how to achieve your mandate to upgrade your systems — modernizing the digital experiences your team delivers — all without asking your CFO for a penny in additional budget.

For several years, Microland has been guiding large enterprises in the development of an end-to-end legacy modernization strategy that preserves and elevates the value of information housed in legacy systems while successfully transitioning the entire organization to a state of digital transformation that delivers both competitive advantage and significant savings. 

These cost savings are achieved through the activation of five reduction levers: Standardization, Automation, Cost of Leakage, Right Sourcing, Strategic Delivery of Management Information

Working closely with a core IT, operations, and HR team within an organization we spend 4 - 8 weeks developing a customized working road map at no cost and requiring no commitment. We will even bring in third-party sources to validate the approach and predicted savings generated. 

And we preserve future agility, too. 

It is important to note that this guided roadmap doesn’t lock an organization into a specific environment, rather we recommend and support highly popular, interchangeable technologies and frameworks (loosely aligned with a specific technology stack) to ensure flexibility and agility now and in the future.

SCPM – In Real Life 

The CIO of the U.K.’s leading real estate consultancy, worked with Microland’s SCPM team to crisply assess her organization’s technical debt and calculate the savings generated through standardization, automation, and leakage management. The team then investigated all options for right shoring and management overhead reduction documenting the bottom-line benefits. Armed with a clear-eyed understanding of budget freed up through optimization, the CIO and Microland co-created a roadmap for digital transformation.

A senior executive of an American management consulting firm with 60 offices in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific, brought Microland’s SCPM team into a client engagement to help both the consulting firm and the client organization strategize how best to realize and fund their digital transformation vision.  

The CIO of a global aviation services company headquartered in Ireland is leading an all-encompassing digital transformation initiative for his enterprise. Emboldened by the confidence he and his team gained through Microland’s SCPM process, the CIO is enthusiastically getting stakeholders of all stripes excited about the aviation holding company’s future – a future fueled by digital transformation. 

Until recently, unsupported operating systems and apps drove the shift away from legacy primacy. Today, as WFH and hybrid WFH policies are creating endpoint proliferation, Enterprise CIOs are assessing their endpoint management strategies - including legacy integration.

Security risks abound as remote contact centers are challenged to integrate tools and assets with legacy resources. Data privacy, compliance needs, and sub-standard insight collection compound tomorrow’s liabilities and further the complexities of bending legacy systems to address rapidly evolving end-user behaviors.

Enterprises that are intentional about each step along the way, reap enormous benefits once a state of agile, automated, and analytics-driven infra is achieved:

  • Faster time to market thanks to agile applications, infrastructure, and services 
  • Security and non-compliance threats proactively identified
  • Business performance and innovation supported by quality digital experiences
  • Meaningful gains in employee productivity
  • A centrally held “source of truth” that precludes overlapping or conflicting development efforts and ensures that optimization is always at the strategic core

Our SCPM approach consists of three significant actions:

Imagine the impact your team will have as they shift from reactive to predictive.

Over the years, Microland refined a roadmap for modernizing legacy systems while also delivering both competitive advantage and significant savings.

While you want to get to the dream space quickly, the steps to get there are unique to each enterprise and critical to get right. The transition from Reactive to Predictive mode is most successful when supported by the balance of user productivity, user experience, and security that works for your enterprise.

  1. Develop an end-to-end legacy modernization strategy that preserves and elevates the value of information housed in the legacy systems.
  2. Understand the five optimization levers of cost savings: Standardization, Automation, Cost of Leakage, Right Shoring, Management Overhead.  
  3. Assess how the optimization levers apply to your enterprise’s legacy system footprint and overall digital transformation plans (Cloud / Data Center, Digital Workplace, Networks, and Security.)
  4. Realize significant operational savings through legacy system modernization and apply these savings to kick start your digital transformation initiatives. Over 18 - 24 months support these transformation initiatives with a management approach that generates sufficient cost savings to fund the entire transformation investment.
  5. Ongoing optimization — Primarily driven through automation and right shoring — allows your team to deliver modernized digital experiences — all without asking your CFO for a penny in terms of additional budget.

Insight about true cost of operations drives informed action.

Gaining an objective 360° view of total cost of operations means taking a deep dive in these key areas:

For legacy-laden enterprises, technical debt mainly shows up as inefficient spend applying patchwork solutions to outdated infra.  

Addressing this debt in a comprehensive manner opens up new options for transformation and can go a long way toward ensuring significant cost efficiencies in the future. 

This comprehensive assessment and insights gleaned provide the framework as we guide your team in defining the scale and cadence of steps to move your enterprise from your current reactive state to the optimal predictive state — delivering flawless digital experiences while reaping significant savings.

About the Author

Sunil Sarat, Senior Vice President & Global Client Solutions Leader - Cloud, Data Center & Digital Workplace. With 20+ years of experience in Infrastructure & Cloud, Sunil’s core responsibilities at Microland include creating new services & solutions that drive Microland’s customers digital transformation roadmap.

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