Network as a Service

Microland's NaaS is a comprehensive solution that allows organizations to consume Network services that include the underlying Operating Platform, Services, and Hardware and Software footprint.

Network as a Service (NaaS) by Microland is built on its unique platform-centric delivery model that ensures network services are provided on a modular, centrally orchestrated, open & extensible consumption-driven model. Microland’s Intelligeni NetOps Platform embraces best-of-breed solutions such as Observability, AIOps, and NetDevOps with a specific focus on enhancing user experience and productivity through its network services measured through XLAs over the traditional Network SLAs. With our plug-and-play architecture, customers can leapfrog into their NaaS journey by seamlessly onboarding and integrating their existing investments in tools and technologies.

Our deployment approach is designed with customer convenience in mind, offering two levels of adoption.

  • The first level, known as the foundation layer, incorporates Microland's Unique Intelligeni NetOps Platform and a suite of services to assist customers in onboarding, transforming, and operating their technologies.
  • The second layer is a seamless Plug-N-Play solution that enables customers to easily integrate their existing investments, including circuits, into the NaaS framework. Should customers desire, Microland can arrange for suitable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and telecom service providers to fulfill their specific requirements and take ownership of these components.

Figure 1: Microland NaaS approach

Microland’s NaaS Solution and Services

Microland strategically and methodically prioritizes NaaS services by employing an agile approach to ensure customer satisfaction and long-term success.

Figure 2: Microland's NaaS Features

NaaS by Microland uses platform-first approach that picks up data from telemetry systems and processes it on an AIOps layer to deliver predictive and preventive network management. Our approach combines NetDevOps enabling better policy-based change and service request orchestration.

Microland, being a vendor-agnostic provider, enables enterprises to choose the right technology provider for their global requirements. Our solutions are tailor-made for each customer’s business requirements ensuring performance optimized for the business and delivering superior user experience.

Overall, our NaaS solution and services provide a single pane of glass for cloud-controlled management. Through our Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) services, Microland combines the best-of-the-breed hardware, virtualization layer, and infrastructure software elements leveraging Microland’s Platform-First architecture.

The Microland Difference

By adopting a customer-centric approach, Microland positions itself as a reliable system integrator, offering numerous benefits to its customers, including:

  • Accelerated time to market by adopting a Platform-first approach, which utilizes Microland’s Intelligeni NetOps Platform, to increase the speed by up to 40% for transformation and network management.
  • Enhanced Return on investment (RoI) of up to 120% in value for every dollar spent enabled through Rationalized Assets, WiFi First, ELA, and competitive network technology.
  • Improved Network Reliability with a platform-centric delivery leveraging AI Ops & Observability, delivering up to a 35% increase in reliability.
  • Superior User Experience with a focus on XLAs and CSATs, powered by automation guaranteeing 2X advanced experience and customer centricity.
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Want to know more about our services?
  • Robert Wysocki
    Robert Wysocki
    Senior Vice President & Global Client Solutions Leader - Network & Cyber Security
    Robert (Bob) is a seasoned IT evangelist with over 30 years of industry experience, gained at Fortune 20 as well as start-up organizations. At Microland, Bob's responsibilities include driving innovation, incubating emerging technologies and enabling customers to leverage key digital technologies for rapid business and operational transformation.
  • Balasubramanian Panchanathan
    Balasubramanian Panchanathan
    Senior Director - Network
    Bala has 18+ years of experience with key focus on Network technologies. Over his career he has led multiple customers through digital transformation by designing transformative Network services and solutions. At Microland, he is responsible for solution design and implementation, and development of Go-to-Market strategies for the Network CSO.
  • Shrikant Dandin
    Shrikant Dandin
    Director – Network
    Shrikant has 14 years of experience in Network Infrastructure Management and has completed three CCIE in R&S, SP, and DC. Shrikant has played multiple roles in network consulting, solution design and engineering and NextGen services creation with a focus on Automation.
  • Harish M N
    Harish M N
    Director – Technology, Networks
    Harish is a technology leader with over 20 years of experience in providing strategic direction to clients on leveraging IT Infrastructure to deliver business outcomes. He has built & led global teams for the successful delivery of network design, transformation, and management services. In his current role, Harish is responsible for the development of Next-Gen Network solutions integrated with AI-enabled automation.
  • Ramesh NG
    Ramesh NG
    Senior Director – Networks
    Ramesh comes with over 21 years of experience in driving innovation in Networking services with key focus on SDN Solutions & IPs development. Ramesh is part of several leading industry forums in the Networking Industry such as OpenStack, IEEEE, etc. In Microland, Ramesh’s focus is on driving our solutions & IP development in SDN, Automation and in Private 5G space.
  • Girish Thekkadath
    Girish Thekkadath
    Principal Solution Director, Network and Cybersecurity
    Girish has over 20 years of experience across consulting, presales, solution design and service delivery for global customers in the areas of network infrastructure solution and services. At Microland, his responsibilities include driving presales, solutioning, go-to-market strategies, and enabling customers adopt NextGen technologies to accelerate business and operational transformation.