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Making your mobile dream a reality 

It’s easy to imagine all the mobile devices throughout your organization as touchpoint of engagement, productivity, and innovation. And in theory, they are. In practice, the dream quickly fades in the face of a profusion of tools, policies, security issues, and management platforms.

Microland’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is meant to keep the vision of mobile engagement and productivity alive. Our team of mobility specialists designs the best strategy, solutions and policies to enable seamless user experience and anytime/anywhere/any device access to enterprise applications — all while keeping enterprise security top of mind and supported by an efficient rollout. If a mobility solution exists, we’ll migrate it to a better option with zero user impact. The only time users will notice the change is when their experience improves! (And then stays that way thanks to 24x7x365, 99.999% support)

While this might sound easy, the challenges are exponential when you consider all the different device types, platforms, and use modes. Microland’s multi-product-certified Mobility specialists have deep experience efficiently making real on the promise of any device access that is secure, flexible and frictionless, while lowering TCO by 25% on average.*

* Based on current status of managing 300,000 + mobile devices for leading enterprises.

Solutions & Services
Design & Implementation Services
Design & Implementation Services
Design & Implementation Services
Start your mobility journey by defining enterprise-wide mobility strategy including Policy Definition, User Experience Strategy, Device Strategy, Apps Strategy and Data Strategy.
Managed Mobility Services
Managed Mobility Services
Managed Mobility Services
Our Managed Mobility Services eases the burden on the customers’ IT department by taking over day-to-day activities involved in managing the mobility ecosystem. Adhering to industry standard SLAs, this service provides L2 and L3 ongoing support and maintenance of the mobility infrastructure, managing application lifecycle and reporting.
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  • Raj Kumar Thakur
    Associate Vice President - Digital Workplace Services
    Raj has over 20 years of experience in the IT Infrastructure Management space and has played various roles in service creation, service delivery, service management consulting and solution engineering.
  • Dhiraj Manohar
    Associate Vice President - Digital Workplace & Service Management
    Dhiraj is a deeply experienced Client Solution leader for Modern Business & IT with a skill set that covers Architecture, IT Service Management, Partner Alliances, Digital Solutions Provisioning (including Large Deals for M&As), Digital Transformation, and Legacy Modernization. A detail-oriented juggler of multiple balls, Dhiraj simplifies complexity and roots out inefficiency so that new solutions can flourish.