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Microland improves Backup and Replication Management for a leading organization that provides specialized disaster recovery services to ~500 customers across North America and Europe

▼ Reduced backup failure tickets from ~13,000 to ~2,500 per month

▲ Improved backup success rate for Netbackup and Commvault from 67% to 99% consistency

reduction in incidents
increase in backup success rate


The client has 40 years of disaster recovery experience and over 70% of Fortune 100 companies rely on them for the design, build and run of resilient and recoverable IT environments across legacy, cloud and hybrid infrastructure.

Business Goal

The client received ~13,000+ backup failure tickets every month from ~500 customers. The volume of tickets was affecting turnaround time. Adding to the problem was the fact that the client had seven different backup/ replication products used across North America and Europe, a majority of client server agents were running on older versions, there was no tool to integrate the products and many of the products had reached end of life.

Across the ~500 customers, the total number of clients backed up was 26,000+. Included in the managed back up operations were 40 changes per month with around 5 new implementation tasks per month.

Microland Solution

Microland performed upgrades for 10,000+ legacy/ out of date client servers. With effective problem management the backup failure ticket count was reduced from ~13,000 to ~2,500 per month. The backup success rate for Netbackup and Commvault (the only products with reporting tools) was improved from 67% to 99% consistency with SLA bound restoration.

Microland’s interventions included:

  • Client Server agent updates and upgrades
  • Troubleshooting and addressing replication failures between source and target
  • Restoration from backed up or replicated data to production (source) infrastructure or DR infrastructure.
  • Implementing backup for newly on-boarded servers
  • Streamlining database backup jobs in Netbackup and Televault (that reduced 50% of Transaction log backup failures)
  • Updating/ reconfiguring existing backup and replication jobs/ schedules

Business Outcomes

  • 80% reduction in the number of incidents
  • Significant cost savings due to reduction of 50% in backup failures
  • Achieved an average backup success rate of 99.8%
  • Happy customers and support staff due to the improved quality of service and ability to provide better services
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