Successfully transformed the IT landscape through Strategic Cost and Performance Management for one of the largest property consultancies in the UK

Microland successfully transformed the IT landscape through Strategic Cost and Performance Management for one of the largest property consultancies in the UK


The client, a prominent property consultancy in the UK, holds a rich history of excellence within the real estate sector. They faced operational deficiencies, security vulnerabilities, and the need for a more agile IT landscape. Microland's solution involved a Strategic Cost and Performance Management (SCPM) assessment, which encompassed data gathering, validation, analysis, and the creation of a comprehensive business case. The transformation included a hybrid IT strategy, improved user and customer experiences, a transformed operating model, and enhanced security.


The client faced structural gaps, operational inefficiencies, technology fragmentation, security vulnerabilities, and unclear roles. The absence of critical functions like an Enterprise Architect and a Cyber Security Leader further hindered strategic progress. Operational deficiencies included poor visibility, high costs, non-compliance, and cyber risks. The COVID-19 impact heightened remote work and cyber threats, exposing technology gaps. Manual processes, reactive security, and inadequate service management led to strained operations. The client sought a transformative solution to harmonize their landscape, enhance security, optimize operations, and elevate user experiences.

The client engaged Microland to conduct a comprehensive Strategic Cost and Performance Management (SCPM) assessment of their IT estate. This encompassed evaluating the client’s investments in technology, people, and operations. The primary goals were to assess the current IT spend and IT performance, provide recommendations to enhance performance, optimize costs, and establish a future-ready IT landscape.



The SCPM IT Estate Maturity Assessment Approach

  1. Discover: Microland initiated a formalized engagement, collaborating closely with the client’s IT teams to gather relevant data. This laid the foundation for a detailed understanding of the existing IT ecosystem.
  2. Validate: Data collected was meticulously validated and normalized, ensuring accuracy and consistency across the board. This step ensured that all subsequent analyses were based on reliable information.
  3. Analyze: Microland's experts delved into the data, conducting a thorough analysis of performance levers and potential savings opportunities. This phase was crucial for crafting a compelling business case.
  4. Finalize: The insights gained from the analysis were then transformed into a comprehensive business case, complete with clear recommendations and a proposed transformation roadmap. These findings were subsequently presented to the client’s stakeholders


IT Landscape Transformation by Microland

  • Hybrid IT: Microland's approach favored a "Cloud First but not Cloud Only" strategy, advocating a hybrid IT model. This allowed the client to leverage the benefits of cloud infrastructure while maintaining on-premises capabilities.
  • Enhanced User and Customer Experience: The solution enabled proactive monitoring of user experience and performance, linking these aspects to overall business performance. This alignment significantly improved user satisfaction and customer engagement.
  • Transformed Operating Model: Microland's optimization efforts included right-shoring and role rationalization. This led to increased operational efficiency and reduced overhead costs.
  • Consumption-based as a Service: The new commercial model was consumption-based, ensuring predictability and flexibility in costs while optimizing resource utilization.
  • Secure, Compliant, and Optimized Operations: The implementation of AIOps-based IT operations allowed for the proactive identification of threats, thereby enhancing security measures and safeguarding critical assets and customer information.


Value Delivered


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