Microland improved user experience through a 59% reduction in reactive incident management for the World’s largest Consumer Goods Company

Microland improved user experience through a 59% reduction in reactive incident management for the World’s largest Consumer Goods Company


The client is the world’s largest consumer goods company that manufactures and distributes consumer goods across 190 countries, and over 400 brands, known for its extensive portfolio that caters to diverse needs and preferences. They faced challenges with their manual and reactive IT support function, compounded by distributed global networks and a lack of documentation. Microland implemented core ITSM processes with round-the-clock support for SLA adherence using its homegrown tools and automation. Our proactive approach ensured the availability and performance of critical IT infrastructure, ultimately benefiting the world's foremost leader in Consumer Goods.


The client needed round-the-clock monitoring and improved reporting for its IT support function. This was necessary as the client’s in-house IT management system was manual, reactive, and lacked standard processes.

Significant incidents with far-reaching effects persisted without appropriate oversight of tools and procedures. The extensively distributed worldwide IT network structure was reliant on local vendors, compounding the challenges. Furthermore, the lack of comprehensive documentation, KPI reporting, and knowledge management heightened the possibility of relying on specific individuals and diminished the effectiveness of the service management tool.


Microland emerged as the preferred partner for the engagement due to our over two decades of experience in robust network operations and management processes, core ITSM processes, and homegrown tools like:

  • Intelligeni NetOps - A one-stop network lifecycle platform for network transformation and management that harnesses the power of Automation, AIOps, and Analytics for network observability, performance tuning, automated remediation, and capacity planning.
  • Intelligeni Bots – Bot-based automated remediation platform.
  • Intelligeni Center- Automates IT infrastructure management tasks such as incident and problem management. We provided 24/7 support for multi-vendor environments (e.g., Wireless AP from Cisco, Aruba, Motorola), meeting and exceeding user expectations and SLAs in the client’s global locations.

Microland successfully monitored and managed a diverse range of devices, totaling over 16,000, across various categories. This included approximately 40% WAN devices, 50% LAN/WAP devices, and 10% security devices, spread across more than 1000 sites.

To effectively handle this extensive network infrastructure, Microland collaborated with over 145 global telecom vendors, ensuring seamless communication and coordination. Additionally, they managed service providers to oversee more than 120,000 circuits, ensuring efficient service delivery and adherence to service level agreements. Furthermore, Microland took responsibility for the migration and management of security devices.

By implementing core ITSM processes with round-the-clock support for SLA adherence, the operational efficiency gains have been remarkable, ensuring that Microland could rapidly ramp up the engagement into a team of 25+ engineers within a span of 4 years.


Value Delivered

Microland’s methodical approach and use of homegrown tools, automation expertise, and proactive approach resulted in the following benefits:

  • Our approach resulted in an improved user experience, leading to positive feedback from end-users with Microland’s Intelligeni NetOps solutions successfully addressing user needs and preferences while enhancing their overall satisfaction.
  • Microland helped the client achieve a notable 59% reduction in reactive incidents, resulting in improved service stability and reduced downtime. Additionally, we ensured faster resolution time through efficient and timely responses to incidents.
  • Over a period of two years, Microland delivered a remarkable 105% increase in proactive interventions, thereby preventing disruptions and enhancing overall system reliability.
  • Microland employed automation and appropriate tools to continuously monitor systems and networks. The round-the-clock monitoring further ensured the availability and performance of critical IT infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive view of overall incident management enabled informed decision-making and facilitated continuous improvement efforts.
  • By leveraging automation and their proactive approach, we streamlined processes, reduced manual efforts, and optimized operations cost, delivering increased efficiency.
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  • Microland improved user experience through a 59% reduction in reactive incident management for the World’s largest Consumer Goods Company