Microland enabled application transformation & data migration of an Asset Management company's core product on Azure Cloud platform

The client is an asset management solution provider, offering the most comprehensive solution for the aviation industry to create value out of aircraft maintenance data. They offer the tools and expertise that allow the aviation industry to drive sustainable innovation to help build the future of the commercial aviation asset lifecycle.


The client’s nearly 12 years old product is used by various avionics industries to maintain flight maintenance records in the form of documents. It is a single-tenant application which runs from two on-prem data centers within the UK region and has access to customers across various regions. The client currently has 100 to 130 active end customers and more than 8000 active users across EMEA, APAC, Middle East & the US. Product supports Web, FSCC (Thick Client), AMOS (Integration with customer apps), SFTP, and S@S (Scan at Source) channels to receive documents from various customers.

Some of the challenges the client was facing included:

  • Unstable environment
  • Huge technical debt
  • High operational expenditure
  • High licensing cost due to several third-party application integration
  • Customer dissatisfaction due to application failure & performance/scalability issues

In order to overcome the above issues, the client had initiated their product transformation program to re-platform & rehost their product on Azure Cloud. To support this digital transformation agenda, they were looking for a technology partner to build a comprehensive solution pivoted around Azure Cloud. As part of this transformation strategy, the client partnered with Microland to analyze their product landscape, existing architecture, and underlying infrastructure to provide recommendations on overcoming the challenges. Microland transformed applications and migrated the database from on-prem to Azure PaaS database by re-platforming the on-prem infrastructure using Azure services on cloud


Microland’s application & infrastructure architecture team collaborated together to conduct an architecture assessment and provided a phase-wise transformation approach. Phase I included target architecture, several recommendations on scalability, security, infra & application component rationalization, operational cost saving, environment & change management governance. During phase II, we helped them re-platform & rehost the application on Azure cloud using Azure native & PaaS Services.

Microland’s agility and highly responsive approach to the requirements put forward by the client and our ability to scale up dynamically made the client choose Microland as the technology partner for their transformation journey.

Microland’s granular level architecture analysis helped the client to envision a solution that was highly scalable, resilient (service-oriented architecture), secure, elastic and economical. Our solution incorporated the following Azure native & PaaS services:

  • Azure App Service
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Front Door, Traffic Manager & Application Gateway
  • Azure Cache for Redis
  • Azure Queues
  • Elastic Search
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure Cognitive Service & Vision API
  • Maria DB PAAS Service
  • Azure Monitoring Service
  • Rehost Windows and Linux servers

Microland provided the client with a comprehensive solution and helping them by:

  • Analyzing the as-is architecture and building the to-be architecture
  • Re-platforming and rehosting their product to enable scalability for their future growth
  • Completely eliminating technical debt related risks
  • Minimizing the down time of business-critical components of the platform & operational cost
  • Significantly reducing the licensing cost up to $0.15Mn per year by leveraging Azure native service instead of third-party products
  • Providing better customer experience

Benefits Delivered

The solution empowered both our client and their 130 active end customers & 8000+ users, making their aircraft maintenance activities seamless. Alongside making the life easier for our client & their end customers, Microland’s solution also enabled the client to manage the flight maintenance requests effortlessly.



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