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Microland consolidated datacenters across the globe resulting in reduced infrastructure complexity and lowered operational costs for a major telecom service provider

By reducing the number of datacenters from 19 to 2, Microland enabled several outcomes: bringing technology complexity under control, reducing costs and enhancing KPIs/SLAs to deliver incredible customer experience.

▼ 19 datacenters reduced to 2

▼ 30% reduction in operational costs

▲ Customer satisfaction improved to 4.3/5

improved CSAT
reduction in operational costs
reduction, 19 DCs reduced to 2


The client is a leading US-based telecom service provider with a footprint across the US, Europe and APAC.

Business Goal

The client needed to consolidate and standardize its 19 datacenters across the globe in a bid to reduce operational costs and meet SLAs to improve customer experience. The problem had its roots in the fact that datacenter infrastructure was complex, diverse and used heterogeneous technology and standards.

Microland Solution

Microland consolidated the 19 datacenters into two datacenters, thereby reducing operational cost while reducing infrastructure complexity. The technology used was also standardized – which eventually contributed to reducing MTTR of issues and ensuring availability of services as per SLAs for internal and external customers.

The challenge for Microland was to coordinate remediation and transformation across geos, mitigate risks from cultural differences and bring top quality technological skills to the engagement. Microland used its pre-built converged infrastructure asset, the Datacenter Playbook, to plan consolidation using a hybrid, onshore and onsite delivery team. This resulted in a smooth transformation with ‘near-zero’ risk for two critical KPIs – achieving the desired cost-efficiency outcomes and enabling quick turnaround time (8 months).

Business Outcomes

The client achieved the desired transformation goals of standardizing infrastructure, reducing operational cost and improving customer experience. In addition, the client acquired agile and scalable infrastructure with the following benefits:

  • 19 datacenters reduced to 2
  • 30% reduction in operational costs
  • Enhanced SLA/KPIs with 40% improvement on MTTR
  • Customer satisfaction improved to 4.3/5
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