Add to your competitive advantage by leveraging a host of proprietary methodologies and smart processes

With almost three decades of global IT experience, Microland has steadily invested in developing platforms, Intellectual Property (IP), tools and frameworks. These proprietary assets lie at the core of our ability to guide process and product selection, along with category-leading implementation and management, across digital technologies. Clients have used our assets to create a defensible market advantage, reduce time-to-market, enhance the user experience, and improve financial performance.

Transform IT Service Management with an industrialized, automated platform with availability of 99.9%

Microland’s smartCenter elevates IT operations maturity. smartCenter is at the heart of our delivery platform, automating IT infrastructure management tasks such as incident and problem management, change management and provisioning of virtual machines with a focus on reduction of false alarms. Our SaaS based, API-driven, ITIL v3 oriented, industrialized service automation platform for Hybrid IT environments provides enhanced user experience and business agility to clients. smartCenter is at the heart of Microland’s vision of zero touch IT management.

smartCenter has over 10 ITSM modules that work together, seamlessly integrating all of Microland’s proprietary solutions, using predictive intelligence for continuous improvement.

Clients leverage our smartCenter platform to build tomorrow’s scalable IT management processes with service level availability of 99.9%.

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Acquire a BI platform tailored for CXOs that delivers a wing-to-wing view of IT service performance

Microland’s smartInsights platform is designed for CXOs who want to transform data from their IT service delivery environment into actionable insights. Unlike traditional Business Intelligence (BI) platforms which are time consuming and expensive, smartInsights provides a single pane of glass view of the entire IT service delivery environment with the ability to drill down and examine the performance of each component. It also doubles as a SIAM solution to integrate service performance across all partners and create a wing to wing “as a service” view of IT.

Our SaaS-based smartInsights platform integrates with various IT service management (ITSM) platforms and monitoring tools to aggregate data. It then uses complex algorithms and models to analyze problems and provide deep insights. These are delivered as threshold-based alerts and pre-scheduled reports with CXO-specific views.

Clients who leverage smartInsights access over 500 KPIs across different domains of IT infrastructure and leverage existing investments in tools and knowledge to enhance their business agility.

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smartITPA suite
Use process libraries and smart end-to-end automation to improve user experience

Microland’s process automation suite smartITPA (IT process automation) enhances process performance. It offers services across different IT domains like network and data center, email, Active Directory, server and voice infrastructure that involve the integration of multiple technologies. smartITPA plugs into an organization’s unique IT and process landscape to automate labor intensive and error prone processes that are routinely used to manipulate structured and unstructured data.

We have deep expertise in the Ayehu eyeShare orchestration platform and also support other orchestrators such as Microsoft and ServiceNow orchestrators.

Clients using smartITPA improve productivity, reduce issues caused when running process manually, reduce business and IT operations downtime and increase throughput. The outcome is a reduction in TCO and enhanced user experience.

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Manage IT specific issues around networks, servers, storage, applications, middleware, IoT, cloud deployments, etc., with real-time data analysis and correlation

​Microland’s smartThink platform extracts actionable insights from data around IT specific issues related to networks, servers, storage, applications, middleware, IoT, cloud deployments, etc.  Using a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), statistical techniques and pattern recognition, smartThink provides predictive and prescriptive solutions to:

  • Boost end user experience
  • Enable preventive maintenance
  • Deliver application predictability
  • Improve performance and security for AD/ADFS
  • Manage network device uptime and performance
  • Enable EMC networker backup
  • Improve web server and database performance
  • Conduct AWS Cloud Audit

Clients using out smartThink platform, available on-premise and in a SaaS model, achieve business agility, optimize resource utilization, are able to plan future capacity with confidence and reduce TCO.

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Implement end-to-end service desk automation for digital workplaces and enhance business efficiency with user experience

Microland’s smartWorkplace creates the NextGen Service Desk – by eliminating the traditional service desk – to improve business efficiency. It embeds automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) into ITSM related mobile applications, voicebots and chatbots to reduce resolution time and eliminate repetitive tasks. The solution comprises of Next Gen engagement vehicles like mobile application, voicebots and chatbots as a single ecosystem which are seamlessly integrated, allowing customers to choose what is best for them.

Clients using the smartWorkplace solution gain access to advanced technologies like NLP, seamless voice-to-text conversion, and leverage chatbots, voicebots and mobile applications integrated with any ITSM platform and knowledge base (internal and external). The result is real time notifications, faster resolution and enhanced user experience.

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