ISG Briefing Notes on Microland’s Intelligeni Platform and its capabilities in AI-powered Observability
Nov 23, 2023
ISG Briefing Notes on Microland's Intelligeni Platform and its capabilities in AI-powered Observability

We at Microland in our interactions with ISG across multiple RFIs and briefing sessions in the past year, had walked through our platform-first approach to service delivery excellence and how we are leveraging our in-house developed Intelligeni platform to deliver Automated Ops.

Microland places business users at the core of its solutions services and provides capabilities that ensure an unfaltering digital experience. Our in-house developed Intelligeni platform leverages AIOps, Automation, and Analytics to run IT systems smoothly, securely, and sufficiently.

Intelligeni focuses on making complex IT systems more reliable and resilient. It delivers value to an operations engineer via assistive and augmented intelligence through AI-powered full-stack observability.

It uses anomaly detection to surface hard-to-detect problems and graph-based algorithms to separate useful alert signals from monitoring noise. It automatically triggers a set of diagnostic and remediation actions or enables engineers to collaboratively diagnose and resolve issues.

Automated Ops implements actions or for that matter any change as code. They change the deployed infrastructure, its configuration, or the policies that govern it. Intelligeni applies transaction semantics to actions and actions always leave the system in a consistent state.

Hyper Automation is about intelligent playbooks in the form of bots. If Observability claims that a system is in a certain state, Intelligeni's Bots run diagnostics to verify and actions to bring the system back to a desired state.

And finally, Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is the human interface to Automated Ops. It is where users post service requests, where you see detailed analytics of the health of your system, and where operations engineers step in to resolve scenarios that Automated Ops hasn’t learned as yet.

This proactive approach ensures that disruptions are nipped in the bud, minimizing downtime, and keeping your operations running smoothly. Automated Ops also unlocks new dimensions of resilience, agility, and scalability leading to unfaltering digital experience.

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