ISG Briefing Notes on Microland’s Vision for Network Services and Intelligeni NetOps Platform
Nov 23, 2023
ISG Briefing Notes on Microland's Vision for Network Services and Intelligeni NetOps Platform

We at Microland in our interactions with ISG across multiple RFIs and briefing sessions in the past year, had walked through our vision for Network Services and our Intelligeni NetOps platform which we leverage in Network Transformation and Managed Services engagements across the globe.

Microland’s services and solutions are founded based on a user or thing-centric environment owing to the adoption of IoT devices beyond large manufacturing factories and plants. Microland Intelligent Network Experience framework for network services prioritizes UX while building enterprise solutions and across the life-cycle of network services. Clients employ this approach to measure and manage the UX.

To deliver these services Microland employs its in-house developed platform, Intelligeni NetOps which leverages concepts of AIOps, Observability, NetDevOps, Bots-based Hyper-Automation, Performance, and UX Analytics, creating a differentiating factor.

From a network technology standpoint, the advancement of private 5G has influenced several segments, such as IT/OT convergence and the adoption of zero trust concepts. However, enterprises face challenges concerning the infusion of these concepts. Thus, Microland has been collaborating with customers to identify the right business case for addressing these challenges.

Instead of solely supporting clients with financial engineering or staffing, Microland differentiates itself from its technological value proposition. The company determines the most appropriate technology stack by considering it as the core, not just a financial part of the structure. Microland consistently focuses on delivering higher throughput with asset rationalization and higher asset utilization. Thus, the overall device footprint is reduced, and cost-effectiveness is achieved. The company has been attempting to improve reliability by at least 35 percent with its platform-based approach.

Microland further sets itself apart by automating the implementation of a technology platform. It provides a complete platform on transformation modules, which helps clients implement any technology solution, in contrast to competitors that only offer zero-touch provisioning and point-based solutions for technology transformation. Microland considers existing assets when transforming the technology stack the idea is to consume services better than before.

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