Among the products available in the market for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) offers a good suite of management capabilities for mobile landscapes. However, integrating Microsoft EMS with the current enterprise IT setup involves the following - navigating the challenges of setting up Active Directory and Conditional Access, setting up the right data protection policies, understanding exactly what Microsoft EMS capabilities and restrictions are during the planning phase
Additional features for user experience, security, mobility and cloud adaptability make Windows 10 migrations highly complex.
In the 2000s, Internet connectivity became the norm for many applications and today it is expected as a part of many enterprises, industrial and consumer products. However, these devices are still primarily ‘things ‘on the Internet that require more human interaction and monitoring through applications and interfaces.
Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) practices have emerged as the standard for modern software testing and delivery.
Realizing your datacenter transformation goals requires simplifying how you provision, manage, and operate your environment. Adoption of Microsoft System Center can boost your enterprise’s flexibility and minimize infrastructure investments.
Database assessments become essential for most businesses, especially ones with OLTP-heavy applications and disparate data sources, as low-performing database environments most often lead to increased business and financial risks
The single-most important challenge for enterprise CIOs lies in the need to meet cost efficiency and service effectiveness objectives on continuous and simultaneous basis.
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is in a crucial juncture of its evolution. Not as much because of the technological innovations happening in the field as it is due to a renewed understanding of its uses from a business perspective. Whereas, earlier, VDI was seen essentially as a technology solution, that scenario is now steadily changing.
Organizations that have invested in O365 usually struggle to extract its full value by deploying tools like OneDrive, Yammer, Planner, Team. This paper highlights the value provided by these tools and the services Microland offers to ensure the implementation of tools beyond Exchange Online are streamlined and challenge-free.
Desktop virtualization has evolved rapidly over the last few years, becoming one of the hottest trends in today's digital era. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology itself has matured since and customers now have several product solutions, from leading vendors, to choose from.
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