SDWAN services, Managed Network service, Software defined infrastructure services
Dec 04, 2020

Double your SD-WAN success with VMware SD-WAN Solutions & Microland Network Services

The world has been in middle of a hide and seek game with enterprise resources grappling to come to terms with sudden and localized COVID lockdowns and the asks of 100% remote working. As a never-before number of applications move to the cloud the source and destination points of the application traffic are continuously on the move. This in turn amplifies the imperative for enterprise to have an intelligent yet simple, high-performing yet secure WAN edge solution to achieve business availability and productivity.

Software Defined - WAN offers WAN edge solutions the freedom to operate independent of user location, WAN transport technology/Link type, WAN underlay topology and Telco service availability. A much-desired autonomy for the enterprise.

Microland and VMware bring to bear a solid combination of product and technology excellence combined with service innovation and execution excellence, all essential for a successful SD-WAN transformation.