Managed Private Cloud Services
Address your private cloud needs with managed converged infrastructure

Microland’s fully managed private cloud services solve the rapidly evolving enterprise customer business challenges for deploying hybrid or dedicated cloud services. Our offering avoids many of the technical, political, and organizational obstacles that impede private cloud adoption while neutralizing the security and regulatory concerns that many customers must still overcome with public cloud.

The managed hosted private cloud model offers the advantages of traditional managed hosting, including cost reduction, customization, and faster enablement, then enhances them with cloud’s rapid provisioning, upfront CAPEX avoidance, better flexibility, self service capability. It serves all of these benefits in a secure and dedicated environment, providing an attractive path forward to the cloud for many enterprise customers.

The Managed Private Cloud on FlexPod from NetApp is a solution geared to provide enterprises the ease and agility of the public cloud with the comfort of the operations of the private cloud being integrated with the existing stack.

Our services are available through catalogs on the FlexPod environment thereby accelerating the time to deployment from the time the FlexPod is procured.

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