Data Center as a Service (DCaaS) Solutions
End-to-end data center solutions for a NextGen infrastructure

Microland’s DCaaS (Data Center as a Service) management portfolio comprises data center hosting, data center operations, data center transformation, data center automation, and cloud services. Our IT service management process automation and service orchestration has enabled us to accelerate our client’s digital evolution and provide an agile, intelligent and hybrid infrastructure. Through a certified and strong partner eco-system, Microland has over 110 Data Centers globally thus offering comprehensive DCaaS solutions.  

Microland DCaaS (Data Center as a Service) provides global businesses with an uberised IT enterprise marketplace that enables dynamic self-service across multiple clouds, drives outcome-based financial management and enhances agility and scale.

SmartCenter, SmartThink, SmartInsights and SmartBranch are the key IPs and frameworks used in DCaaS offerings, which effortlessly integrates legacy and newer technologies.

Clients using DCaaS (Data Center as a Service) have found significant business efficiencies in accelerating their Dev & Test environments, reduction in costs for hosting needs, storage, back-up and recovery as well as creating a stable environment for managing their web aps and high-performance computing needs.

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