Digital Infrastructure
Use automation and analytics for efficient cloud adoption

Today’s IT leaders want to consume agile environments to capture all the known benefits of agility, cost reduction, and simplification.  Migrating your applications onto the most efficient cloud is the end state but for most enterprises that are not digital natives, this process can and will take a material time to complete. Infrastructure and operations managers face the daunting task of deciding the pace and prioritized the order of which applications to take to which type of cloud, and in the meantime, managing a mix of legacy, private, and public environments that requires an efficient hybrid approach.

Microland’s Digital Infrastructure solutions guide enterprises to develop their cloud migration strategy. Our solutions encompass Hybrid Cloud Management Adoption, Migration, and Management in secure environments to support enterprises take an application-led or an infrastructure-led incremental approach to cloud migration.

One of the pitfalls of automated provisioning and self-service is that they tend to create an unintended sprawl with redundant and under-utilized infrastructure. This can cause cloud costs to spiral out of control. Microland helps overcome these challenges by leveraging automation and data analytic—providing enterprises the ability to efficiently manage their environments. 

Hybrid Cloud Adoption & Migration Services
Accelerate digital transformation by getting cloud adoption and migration first-time-right
Hybrid Cloud Management & Optimization Services
Realize the best value of Hybrid Cloud IT, control costs and prevent cloud sprawl
Enterprise DC Modernization Services
Adapt to digital, acquire a high performance data center and be prepared for the new demands on applications
Data Center as a Service (DCaaS) Solutions
End-to-end data center solutions for a NextGen infrastructure
Managed Private Cloud Services
Address your private cloud needs with managed converged infrastructure
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