Digital Application
Operate (run-the-business) and innovate (change-the-business) in a true bimodal structure with a focus on digital transformation

Digital applications are the lifeblood of a modern enterprise. These applications leverage and publish data, interact with legacy systems, automate processes and bring partners closer to business. These digital applications scale based on dynamic business requirements and can be customized to deliver exceptional user experience. In contrast to yesterday’s monolithic applications, today’s digital applications are stitched together using a variety of systems and services to unleash the true productive power of the enterprise in increasingly convenient consumption-based models. The challenge for most enterprise is to continue to leverage their existing investments while developing capabilities to address a fully-connected, completely-aware, all-digital future.

Microland’s Digital Application Service reduces run-the-business complexities while enabling clients to focus on profitable new-age digital initiatives (cloud, mobile, analytics, API services, etc.). Our ITIL-based, as-a-Service model for application management and integrated digital operations transform existing client environments into true bimodal structures.

Using our advisory, consulting and transformation services, clients create omnichannel application experiences, access data services for business insights and DevOps for faster go-to-market and digital innovation.

To accelerate outcomes, we use IPs such as smartCenter for service management, smartThink for analytics and Big Data, smartDiscover for automated and on-demand discovery of application environment assets in addition to other proprietary tools.

Clients using our service access a 5% year over year reduction in the cost of application operations services, 8 to 10 times faster product development cycles and up to 40% lowered cost (compared to industry average) of data transformation.

Application Operations Services
Don’t let budgets and the lack of resources prevent excellence in application operations
Data Services
Architect, optimize and manage complex data solutions with new levels of effectiveness for existing processes and systems
DevOps Services
Adopt DevOps to lower development complexity, accelerate go-to-market, improve resource utilization and lower costs
Middleware & API Services
Use a focused management approach to Middleware and API platforms to elevate user experience with top application performance
Content & Collaboration Management Services
Enable effective digital content management and seamless collaboration
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