Microland's innovative Intelligeni Bots automation solution helps global agribusiness giant achieve 99% vulnerability management and unlock operational efficiency gains


The client is a leading global agribusiness and food company with over two centuries of experience. Operating in over 40 countries with approximately 23,000 employees, the client covers the entire agricultural value chain. Their commitment to providing sustainable and efficient solutions to meet the rising demand for food, feed, and fuel has earned them a reputation as a trusted partner in the industry. They prioritize responsible business practices, sustainability, and community support to improve the lives of farmers, customers, and communities worldwide. Through their innovative and collaborative efforts and exceptional customer service, they have become a driving force for positive change in the global agribusiness and food industry.


The client struggled for over two months with the patch compliance of their IT infrastructure, which supported over 50 manufacturing units. Their data centers, comprising more than 1300 servers that ran critical business applications, were in 59 locations throughout the EMEA region and were managed by an existing technology service provider.

Due to ineffective patch management, the client's infrastructure was vulnerable to security threats, and the backlog of over 70 tickets was causing severe compliance issues. This led to unpatched and outdated software that significantly impacted server performance which resulted in limitations in data backup during server reboots and ultimately compromised operational efficiency.

In addition to these challenges, engineers also had to handle a high volume of incidents that demanded standard actions. This task was daunting and could potentially lead to burnout and decreased productivity. The prolonged downtime resulting from such incidents led to further losses in productivity and revenue. This emphasized the need for a more efficient mechanism to maintain server health and ensure regulatory compliance.

The client was looking for a technology partner to address their infrastructure vulnerabilities and implement robust mechanisms to maintain server health and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Customer testimonial:

“I would like to thank Microland for implementing the Intelligeni Bots for our environment. It was a difficult process to get here but finally, all Bots are running, and we feel the big value they deliver. And it’s good to see that Microland is not stopping here and trying to improve its efficiency and looking for additional use cases. Great job!” - Klaus Jochmann, IT DC Services Manager, Bunge EMEA & APAC


At the outset, Microland's engineers were manually performing over 8000 patches and 1200 health checks annually. This process consumed a significant amount of time for validation, troubleshooting, and resolution, ultimately impacting overall efficiency. To overcome these challenges, Microland implemented Intelligeni Bots, a bot-based automated remediation platform. This solution automated the resolution of ticket backlogs and patching of servers at periodic intervals, reducing Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Respond (MTTR).

By automating over 85% of the server patching process and up to 60% of incidents, we helped the client streamline their infrastructure operations and improve the productivity of critical resources. Notably, we met the defined SLAs within 45 days of service commencement. Following the implementation of Intelligeni Bots, these 15 bots successfully resolved over 8000 tickets, with over 3900 completed and resolved with zero-human intervention. Additionally, they automatically installed over 4000 patches and performed over 1050 automated server health checks.

As businesses increasingly rely on technology to drive growth and productivity, ensuring the security and efficiency of the IT infrastructure has become crucial. In response to this challenge, Microland secured the client's production environment with Read-only Domain Controllers (RODC) and implemented over 15+ Microsoft recommended security parameters to ensure all servers were AV compliant. As a result, the client achieved a superior success rate in EMEA compared to other regions.


Microland helped the client realize a 100% change success rate, 99% patch compliance, and 100% antivirus compliance through the digital way of delivering our customer operations within 6 weeks of implementing Intelligeni Bots.

The implementation of Intelligeni Bots and securing the infrastructure were significant turning points for the customer's business. This effort allowed them to optimize their resources, reduce operational costs, and improve customer satisfaction. With automation in place, the customer was able to shift their focus towards strategic initiatives to drive business growth and innovation. The success of this initiative propelled the client's decision to expand their engagement with Microland to other regions and services. This move underscores the client's trust in Microland's ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions that address critical business needs and drive overall success.


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