Improved app reliability through AWS for a leader in mortgage processing

  • Automated deployment of container led to better cost management
  • Improved cross-platform portability of the application
  • Application containerization leading to more consistent operations with improved efficiency


Problem Statement
  • Application performance issues due to inconsistencies between different environments like DEV, QA and Production in Public Cloud
  • Inflated operational cost due to monolith architecture and high degree of manual intervention



Microland’s client is a software company that processes almost 40% of U.S. mortgage applications. The company provides a digital mortgage software platform, that connects the mortgage ecosystem of mortgage lenders, investors, and service providers.


Microland Solutions
  • Complex CI/CD environment comprising  tools - Jenkins, GitHub & Docker.
  • SQL Server DB instances hosted in a hybrid environment
  • Hybrid suite of applications surrounding main loan management solution


Business Outcomes
  • DevOps and container support/maintenance for continuous integration and deployment(CI/CD)
  • Automation of container application deployment in production environment
  • Better support for micro services architectures
  • Handling upgrade releases and access issues


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