event-calender Oct 13, 2022
event-time-black 4:00 PM IST
event-location Virtual Event

Cloud Adoption in the Post Pandemic World - Imperatives & Challenges

Senior IT leaders who have digital transformation priorities, especially in the post–Covid times, are faced with many challenges which have led to accelerated cloud adoption. With the change in priorities, enterprises are relooking at their cloud strategies in terms of benefits, roadmaps, migrations, timelines, and more. Starting with selecting the right migration model, designing the target architecture, to building the cloud environment for change and management ease are key challenges. Also, many enterprises that have adopted cloud at scale struggle to manage modern environments in terms of cost, governance, and standardization.

Most of the organizations today are struggling with these challenges and they get snowballed when the cloud environment is at scale. Senior IT leaders who have digital transformation priorities especially in post-Covid times face many challenges and need a forum to know, understand in-depth, and address them by getting views into the various options available and how others have done it.

It is highly beneficial to know what industry data says about the post-Covid cloud adoption trends, what has changed and why, what the challenges are out there and how are global leaders responding to these. On this note, we invited the top technology leaders to share perspectives on the challenges faced and the journey followed to resolve those. We discussed and shared some of the best practices based on our experience:

            - What are the key areas to focus on in various stages of the journey?

            - Role of Cost, Compliance, and Automation in cloud adoption

            - Microland's experience in helping customers through the cloud adoption lifecycle

            - Participant’s (GCCs) experience based on cloud journeys taken (round table)

In this exclusive and power-packed roundtable session hosted by NASSCOM, we learnt from the experiences of distinguished CIOs, IT leaders, and peers as they discussed different hybrid cloud adoption journeys. From what has changed and what the industry data say about the post-Covid cloud adoption to how are global leaders responding to it, the objective was to learn from each other & adopt best practices.

Key Takeaways

Viewers of this event got to understand from experts and enterprise leaders on how to successfully navigate by adopting the newer models, practices, and tools. The key takeaways were: 

  • Knowing challenges to design, build, migrate & operate modern cloud environments
  • Understanding the strategies, methods, modern tools and practices that can help
  • Avoiding pitfalls and knowing how to measure success throughout the adoption journey 
  • Navigating cloud adoption challenges by knowing how others have done it

Please access the webinar slides from here 


Benil George P J
AVP - Client Solutions, Cloud Unit
Sunil Sarat
SVP, Global Client Solutions Leader, Cloud Unit