The Government Transformation Summit 2023
event-calender Nov 22, 2023
event-time-black 8:30 AM
event-location In Person

Government Transformation Summit 2023


The Government Transformation Summit 2023, a premier event, was held on the 22nd of November 2023 at etc Venues, 133 Houndsditch, London.

The event saw robust participation from central and local government authorities, and broader discussions highlighted the importance of considering experience alongside the classic trio of people, process, and technology in government digitization.

Karthikeyan Krishnan, Senior Vice President and Geo Leader in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at Microland, co-hosted the roundtable on Citizen Experience Management at the Government Transformation Summit.



Key Highlights of the Roundtable:

  • Citizen-centric focus: A deep dive into aligning services with citizen needs, prioritizing people and processes over a tech-first approach to serve the populace genuinely.
  • Balancing technology and human touch: An engaging discussion on the 'egoless tech' concept, focusing on major needs and bridging the gap between expectations and reality. We explored the importance of simplifying services to create a unified interface.
  • Building trust through accuracy: Emphasizing first-time accuracy in services as crucial in building trust among citizens, highlighting the need for user-friendly services and rigorous testing of assumptions.


Key Takeaways from the Event:

  • Importance of digital skills enablement for citizens to make the government's digital initiatives successful.
  • Put experience before people, process, and technology.
  • Understanding what other countries have done successfully - Canada's smart agriculture, Ukraine's Super App, Estonia's digital adoption, etc.



Attendees from Microland:

Karthikeyan Krishnan 
Senior Vice President & Geo Leader – Europe, Middle East and Africa

Meeta Akhelikar 
Senior Director – Public Sector Growth

Arjun Ravindran 
Associate Director - Digital Applications