event-calender Feb 08, 2024
event-time-black 18:30 Hours
event-location In Person

Automated Ops as a Co-Pilot for IT Operations Teams

Join us on 8th February, 2024, 18:30 hrs at Searcys at The Gherkin for an evening of networking exclusively organized for peers from different industries and have some exciting discussions on "Automated Ops as a Co-Pilot for IT Operations Teams"  along with food, beverages and the spectacular view of iconic landmarks of London.

This compelling session delves into the transformative dynamics of integrating automated operations (Automated Ops) as a Co-Pilot for IT operations teams, heralding a new era of reliability in our digital infrastructure.

Picture a scenario where routine and repetitive tasks are seamlessly handled by intelligent algorithms, allowing our skilled IT professionals to focus on strategic initiatives, problem-solving, and innovation. This session is dedicated to unraveling the layers of this synergy, understanding how automated ops not only enhance the speed of operations but significantly raises the bar for reliability in our digital systems. As we navigate through this discussion, we'll illuminate the ways in which Intelligent Automation empowers IT operations teams to proactively manage challenges, minimize downtime, and fortify the very foundation of our digital infrastructure. So, let's embark on this exploration together, envisaging a future where IT operations are not just functional but are the driving force behind a resilient, adaptive, and highly reliable digital landscape.


Karthikeyan Krishnan
Senior Vice President & Geo Leader – Europe, Middle East and Africa, Microland
Satish Sukumar
Senior Vice President - Global Head (Platforms), Microland


Karthikeyan Krishnan
Senior Vice President & Geo Leader – Europe, Middle East and Africa