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Microland helped a Public Service company to go paperless and digital with the D365 platform

About Customer

The client is a local authority in Greater London, England. The client provides dozens of services like housing, social services, libraries, waste management, traffic, roadways, and environmental health, among others, to its 342,000 residents. To ensure every citizen gets a digital experience, the client consistently updates themselves on the latest technology and security aspects.

Business Challenges

The client embarked on a journey to have a highly efficient, fast, and responsive institution, delivering the most complex services through a digital portal. To execute this digital transformation plan, the client sought a technology partner to build a comprehensive solution pivoted around Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

One of the client’s major challenges in achieving the objective was their heavy reliance on manual processes and offline channels, which resulted in time-consuming efforts that led to the high cost of operation and low levels of citizens’ satisfaction. In addition, the overall cost of maintaining such offline channels was high. At the same time, line-of-business (LOB) application systems in the client’s business ecosystem were disparate, leading to fragmented operations and data siloes.

Microland Solution

Microland’s agility and highly responsive approach to any requirement put forward by the client and our ability to scale up dynamically made the customer choose Microland as the right partner for their transformation journey.

Microland envisioned a highly scalable, modular, designed, secure, flexible, and device agnostic solution. Our solution included D365 portal integration with CRM to form the end-customer (citizen, residents, and businesses) facing channel, which was used to mainly record requests, fill applications, make payments, and report problems relevant to citizen services. The integrated application ecosystem consisted of D365 integration with SharePoint for Document management, Power BI for reporting, and Azure AD B2C for managing customer registrations.

Microland provided the client with a comprehensive solution, including:

  • Engaging from the very early stages to first understand the as-is model of operation and basis on that developing the to-be processes
  • Building an online portal for citizens & businesses to access various client services through web and mobile
  • Building a staff CRM system to process customer requests, interact with customers, and get a single view of a customer’s interactions
  • Migrating the data from their existing systems to the cloud platform
  • Post solution development training the staff on using the newly developed systems
  • Preparing training manuals for easy reference when needed

Business Benefits Delivered

The solution empowered both -the client and the citizens. From seamless tax payment to ease of raising complaints, requesting housing repairs, and reporting pavement problems, while Microland’s solution has made life easier for the citizens, it has enabled the client to respond to and resolve such requests with a quick turnaround.


  • Improved customer experience 
  • Simplified processes with automation
  • Integrated 360° customer view for local authorities
  • Reduced request resolution duration from the previous 25 days to 3 days
  • 50% reduction in turnaround time
  • Ops cost reduction by 30%
  • Projected year-on-year savings of £3.274Mn

Client Testimonial

"Microland has been a true partner throughout this journey, from design to delivery, showing great agility and flexibility in what's been a very challenging time for everyone."

- Head of Information and Communications Technology

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  • The client is a local authority in Greater London, England. The client provides dozens of services like housing, social services, libraries, waste management, traffic, roadways, and environmental health, among others, to its 342,000 residents.
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